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Terrorism Charges Lawyer – Death Threat Defense Attorney

Law enforcement officers and government prosecutors seriously pursue terrorism charges perhaps more earnestly and aggressively than any other violent crime. Ever since the commencement of America’s “War on Terror,” charges have been levied against individuals and groups throughout Texas by state and federal agencies at an increasing rate.

If you are under investigation, are facing allegations or have been charged, you need sophisticated defense representation immediately. People charged with terrorism often face maximum federal penalties, which may include heavy fines, life imprisonment or even the death penalty. (more…)

White collar crime – How to get help

Whether you have been accused of identity theft or corporate theft, being arrested is a frightening, humiliating process and potentially career-ending. The police and sirens, the fingerprints, the photos–chances are, you never thought it could happen to you.

At the law firm of Frank Bell, I represent many people accused of white collar crime. I understand that there is a lot at stake.–Your family, your career, and your good name may all suffer. Nevertheless, I can guide you through process and procedure. I will fight to protect your constitutional rights and preserve your reputation. If you or someone you love has been charged with a white collar offense, call me, Frank Bell, for a free discussion about of your case. (more…)

Bankruptcy Lawyer: When to Hire One

When an individual or business has financial debt that they are not able to manage they may consider bankruptcy. It can either be achieved by liquidizing assets that are well distributed between creditors with the debts discharged or even through a plan to settle all remaining debts. But, before any steps must be taken on bankruptcy, you should have the best bankruptcy advice.

The only solution to obtain the best financial bankruptcy advice is to consult a qualified professional. Bankruptcy lawyers are the right people to consult about this and don’t ever file for bankruptcy before talking to a bankruptcy lawyer. (more…)

4 Tips for Choosing a Lawyer

Maybe you’ve gotten into some legal trouble. Maybe you just need help with a will. Whatever your reasons for seeking out a lawyer, here are just four tips for finding and selecting the right professional for the job.

1. Consider Their Services

Every lawyer has a specialty. Even if they work in the same general field, they’ll have a particular niche. For example, personal injury lawyers might specialize in anything from car crashes to medical malpractice lawsuits, or finance lawyers might work with taxes or probate. Make sure that you’re hiring someone with the right skills and experience for your unique case. (more…)

Divorce and immigration law team in Glasgow

Around 50 percent of most marriages in Glasgow, Scotland end up in a divorce, and this usually comes with heavy trouble for the family concerned. It is a critical legal case that also involves huge financial complications for anyone who go through it. As you are planning to get a divorce then you definitely must ensure that you are well represented by the Divorce law team in Scotland.

Any Divorce law team you consider must have many years of experience in dealing with divorce cases in Scotland. (more…)