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Better Understanding of Indiana DUI Law

A good Indiana DUI Lawyer understands that an arrest for DUI could be one of the most devastating things that have ever happened to you. You need someone that will be there to guide and represent your rights through the entire process.

In Indiana a first offense DUI conviction can lead up to one year in Jail. If a child is in the vehicle you could be charged with a felony even on your first offense. After conviction of your first OWI you will be charged will a felony if you are arrested again within 5 years of the first. This could carry up to 3 years in prison. (more…)

Adoption Of A Child

There are many couples who are without children. Many of them choose to adopt children. This is an important decision in the life of the couple with long lasting effect. This is an emotional situation and also has many legal aspects. It is necessary to find people who are aware of the various processes involved in adoption to support you. It is equally necessary to find an attorney to cover various legal needs. The important factors in the adoption process are the biological parents, the adoptive parents and the child who is getting adopted. If the identity of the biological parents is unknown or deceased, the child will be under the custody of state government. (more…)

Divorce And Child Custody

Any divorcing or separating parent will have to deal with the child custody cases. There a number of child custody options available for the parents.  The child custody option selection depends on the state in which the parents are living and the situation of the child. When couples files divorce case the court will decide about the custody of the child if the child is below 18 years of age.  Child custody is a sensitive and emotional issue and requires the interference of an experienced child custody attorney to avoid difficult situations for the parents as well as for the child. (more…)


Hiring an attorney is an investment but not every fender-bender justifies hiring one. You can learn the basics about settling routine claims yourself. If you take the time to educate yourself about the claims system, you don’t need a lawyer to help with routine or minor car accident claims. This way you can handle and settle your own claims. The key is to figure out which cases you can settle yourself, and which require a lawyer. Settling your own claim is possible and profitable. You may be comfortable settling your own claims if your out-of-pocket expenses are small but may not be able to handle high-cost claims. (more…)

What To Do When You’re Accused Of A Drug Offense

One of the most common crimes that people find themselves accused of are drug offenses. Over half of the total population of our country’s incarceration system are there due to drug-related charges. Drug addiction can afflict people from all walks of life. Once people become drug users, it can be extremely difficult to get clean and get back on the right path in life.

If you find yourself facing drug-related charges, here’s what you should to in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

Contact A Tampa Drug Attorney

Don’t even think about representing yourself at trial. Judges tend to be very tough on those facing charges for drug-related offenses. If you attempt to represent yourself, you won’t be likely to get a fair hearing and a minimal sentence. Instead, you need the aid of an attorney who is experienced in dealing with drug-related cases. (more…)