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Posts published in “Attorney”

How to create an online lawyer profile

Lawyers often call me to complaint that they are not getting any clients even after registered with online lawyers directories. Recently I have done few researches on their profile and noticed one common pattern within their profiles. In short, they just added into those online directories without any care and the outcome is negative because of the improper or incomplete profile. Let me add following tips while creating your profile with any online directories, (more…)

Fighting a DUI Charge

Drivers make mistakes, from either missing a light or neglecting the speed limit. If you’re stopped after having a drink or two, it becomes a trickier situation. It’s no longer a traffic error, but now you could be considered driving under the influence. These charges are more serious and bring out harsher consequences. Know how to handle the event, and be prepared to seek the right help. (more…)

Can You Sue Your Attorney? 3 Things to Know About Legal Malpractice

Few people want to lose, especially when money and reputation are at stake. Unfortunately, in the judicial system, one side is going to be defeated, leaving a company or family without the support. Hopefully, your attorney put full effort into your claim; however, if you suspect that the ball was dropped, you may have a course of action. It is possible to sue your legal firm for malpractice. Here are three things to know about bringing action against the firm. (more…)

Buying a New Home? Remember These Three Tips to Keep the Stress to a Minimum

Regardless of the current housing market, it can be a challenge to find the perfect property and make the right offer to secure a purchase. Along the way, there might be some unexpected roadblocks or obstacles that make the entire ordeal even more problematic. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps every prospective home buyer can take to keep the situation under control. (more…)