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Finding a Reliable Process Server for your Court Documents

Selecting a process server is not as simple as grabbing an individual and requesting them to deliver the court papers for you. In order to get the most for your money, below are a few suggestions for locating a great process server.

Ensure that they are licensed

In Houston, only 30 % of process servers are actually members of a national association. Choose a process server who is an affiliate with a national organization. Most of the organizations have strict policies for starting to be a member, which might include 2 years of experience and 3 recommendations from attorneys, judges along with other professional process servers that have already become the members. They have bylaws that members are required to follow, along with rules of ethical conduct. (more…)

What Does A Freehold Lawyer Do?

A Freehold lawyer has so many duties and functions to perform to his or her clients. In this article, we shall discuss what a Freehold lawyer does.

  • Defense against assault and threat

Assault and threat is a criminal offense that can lead to jail time, probation, fines, or any other punishment. If you are convicted for this offense, your life, job, freedom, and relationship can be seriously affected. When you are charged with assault and threat in New Jersey, you need the service of a Freehold lawyer. (more…)

Law Office in Houston

As a Houston law firm, Sondra Kaighen & Associates, P.C. serves clients with diverse needs throughout Houston, Harris County, Galveston County, Brazoria County and the Texas Gulf Coast area. Their attorneys cover a range of legal issues pertaining to family law and Sondra Kaighen, the firm’s principle, has over twenty-five years of experience in family law and is a certified specialist in the field by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. (more…)

How to create an online lawyer profile

Lawyers often call me to complaint that they are not getting any clients even after registered with online lawyers directories. Recently I have done few researches on their profile and noticed one common pattern within their profiles. In short, they just added into those online directories without any care and the outcome is negative because of the improper or incomplete profile. Let me add following tips while creating your profile with any online directories, (more…)