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Posts published in “Business Law”

Why should you hire NYC construction attorney?

There are many duties that a construction attorney in NYC must handle upon being hired. A great attorney can deal with all the legal concerns in the entire construction projects including creating contracts, negotiating, and handling any litigation after the entire project has been completed. The construction attorneys also can also manage the compliance of local law system, claims of lien, and giving advices for financing selections. The list of tasks a construction attorney will carry out is essential and working with one can be the most practical decision you have ever made when you are dealing with construction projects. (more…)

What are the advantages of legal translation services?

The fact that there are many companies and websites that engage in legal translation services means that there are many advantages that come with a translation. There are many benefits that come with the translation of a legal documents. Protranslate’s legal translation service is one of the websites that are known to offer the best translation services.

One of the advantages of legal translation for law related topics is that one is able to reach wider audiences when they have their documents and websites translated from one language to another. (more…)

12 Ways to Protect Yourself From Investment Fraud

The past few years have brought unprecedented returns to investors in the stock market. Unfortunately, these good times have also had the effect of investors falling prey to dishonest or reckless stockbrokers or investment advisors.

The majority of stock brokerage firms attempt to uphold their commitment to professionally advise clients and only a small percentage of stockbrokers are dishonest. Unfortunately all it takes is one dishonest stockbroker or brokerage firm to wipe a lifetime of savings and hard work.

Every week in our law practice in Atlanta, we see people who have been separated from their retirement savings by an unscrupulous brokerage firm or stockbroker. Many times, these people are beyond their peak earnings years and have to rely on arbitration as their only hope to recover financially from the fraud that has victimized them. (more…)

Use an Incorporation Service Company to Assure The Liability Protection of your Business

An incorporation service company will provide you with liability coverage and a business vehicle for running a company. Do not misinterpret such companies for law firms or even legal advisors. When you need legal advice, you certainly need to hire a lawyer. However if you just need a help to incorporate your business or create a limited liability company for your business , then a professional incorporation service company is the right solution. (more…)

Legal Status of Kratom in California

California is a state that welcomes diversity with various individuals with various cultures living in the zone.These individuals spread out all through the major urban communities of the state such as San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.The territory of California is renowned particularly in light of its distinctive regulations and opinions on a few medications such as cannabis.

However, the legislators in San Diego took another stand on the sale of Kratom in the locale. Does this influence the sale of Kratom in different parts of the state? You can discover that and more information about the legal status of Kratom in Los Angeles California in this article. (more…)