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Posts published in “Business Law”

Delivering an Informative Speech in an Event

As part of leadership training program, leaders must be familiarized with the concepts of delivering an informative speech. This incorporates the planning, homework, research, understanding, and also public speaking methods and techniques. In today’s world, when events become more complicated due to a combination of elements, including competition, economics and identified value, as well as social aspect, it is extremely vital for a leader to possess the ability to deliver an informative speech in a special event. (more…)

Caplan Luber – Business Practice Area

The firm is engaged in the representation of many forms of business entities on a daily basis in matters involving litigation and non-litigation.  Regardless of whether the business entity client is a Fortune 500 corporation, a general or limited partnership, or a sole proprietorship, the attorneys at Caplan Luber are committed to, among other things, learning and understanding the business of the client, identifying what legal action is necessary and consistent with the client’s overall legal and business objectives, acting responsively and cost-effectively and achieving the highest quality result.  This approach promotes the development of a mutually beneficial attorney-client relationship which is a priority objective of the firm and facilitates “partnering” with the client. (more…)

Preparing Your Things To Move

You are about to move to your new home and need to pack your belongings to take them there. Once you determine the space of your new place, you are ready to get started. Here are a few tips to make it efficient and quick.

Packing the Boxes

When you prepare things to be boxed up, you will want to be aware of the weight and size of them. (more…)

Writing a good speech – is it difficult?

In an effort to become a good speaker, you will first need to learn the proper way to write a good speech. The best part about it is that it is something that most of us can learn if we only stick to the rules.

When trying to write your next speech ensure that you write the speech to be heard, not to be read, which means that you will need to use brief sentences, make it simple, keep it familiar, and ensure that you use various verbs. (more…)

Why should you hire NYC construction attorney?

There are many duties that a construction attorney in NYC must handle upon being hired. A great attorney can deal with all the legal concerns in the entire construction projects including creating contracts, negotiating, and handling any litigation after the entire project has been completed. The construction attorneys also can also manage the compliance of local law system, claims of lien, and giving advices for financing selections. The list of tasks a construction attorney will carry out is essential and working with one can be the most practical decision you have ever made when you are dealing with construction projects. (more…)