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Posts published in “Criminal Law”

Things You May Not Know About Bail Bonds

Bail bonds help those who have friends or loved ones who have been arrested and arraigned or must pay bail prior to their release. Before searching for “bail bonds Allentown PA,” there are a few things you may not know about bail bonds.


Bail bonds are not available in every state. For example, Maine, Wisconsin, Illinois and Oregon are just 4 states that do not allow bail bonds. In addition, the only countries with commercial bond systems are the Philippines and United States. (more…)

Basic Tips for New Concealed Gun Carriers

When you’ve completed the necessary steps to earn your concealed carry license, it’s time to make decisions about which guns to carry, learn how to choose wardrobe pieces, and understand your new responsibilities.

Choose Your Gun

It may seem logical to choose a smaller gun because it’s easier to hide and lighter to tote around, but this may defeat your purpose for carrying it in the first place. Those little guns are harder to sight, are harder to grip, and generally require an advanced level of expertise. Instead, choose a gun that is best suited to your abilities and purpose. (more…)

Take These Steps After Any Arrest for the Best Chance of Avoiding a Huge Life Disruption

Facing a possible criminal trial or even a jail sentence is a situation almost anyone would want to avoid. Even while planning out a defense, however, there are a few things all individuals in this situation can do to stack the odds in their favor. The road might still be rocky, but there will likely be some relief in having as many of the following steps completed as soon as possible. (more…)

The Court Said What? Helping You Find Bail

You were drunk as a skunk on a long winter night when you crashed into that car, and while you remember some of the events of the evening, you probably don’t remember everything. When you woke up in the containment room, you were confused, dazed, and thirsty, and when your mind cleared enough to request information, you found out you were in jail on a DUI – ahhh, yes. Not one of your finer moments, but in order to explain yourself to your friends and family, you have to get out of jail and back home. Here is what you need to do. (more…)