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Posts published in “Immigration Law”

O1 Visa – Visa for People with Extraordinary Achievement

The O1 visa is a required visa which is very difficult to entry . To be eligible for this visa, your ability must be extraordinary. You must show that you are an important part of elites in your industry or field.

O1A Visa is eligible for those who can prove extraordinary achievements in the fields of education, science, athletics, business, film, art, or even television. To qualify, you may either show that you have obtained a major award or even you may show evidence of 3 achievements from the valid and eligible evidence. (more…)

Divorce law firm and immigration lawyers in Scotland

Many people in Scotland, divorcing their wife or husband are not dealing with a simple case. They usually have belongings and children, and find out the most convenient way to move away from the divorce with the good results they want. It is recommended that you hire a divorce law firm when you have cars, pets, or houses together and you might need someone on your side to make a compromise with your husband or wife. (more…)

Is an E1 visa right for you?

There are a lot of visas available, allowing you to enter the United States. Choosing a visa will ensure that you are here legally, preventing deportation. An E1 visa is used by a number of individuals and companies. By understanding more about whether an E1 will work for you, you can, then, work with an E1 visa lawyer to get the documentation submitted. (more…)

All You Need To Know If You Plan To Work In Romania

What do I have to do if I want to work in Romania?

First of all, you must find an open position and apply for it, after you have passed all their tests and accepted to work for the company; they will obtain the Romanian work permit for you.

Only one entity or individual can hire you and he must submit the request for your work permit at the territorial units of the Romanian General Inspectorate for Immigration alongside a series of documents. (more…)

Obtaining Romanian citizenship

Based upon the qualifications of the current law in Romania staying in this country as a foreigner is granted for the period of the visa or even the residency permits. You will find situations in which international conventions might have canceled the visa program , so that specific foreigner are not required to get visa for getting into Romania and they can stay in Romania for maximum 3 months .

The overseas citizens who have received a long stay visa and also the people who are exempted through this obligation may propose the prolongation of the temporary stay in Romania, for durations about one year, under compliance of all required conditions given by the immigration law for extension of the temporary permit in Romania. (more…)