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Posts published in “Injury Law”

Common Types Of Personal Injuries And Accidents You Can Claim

Accidents are investable, but injuries and harm caused by someone else’s negligence should be compensated. Be at the workplace, auto accidents, medical malpractice, or assault, consult a lawyer to help you navigate the legal system and get compensation.

Slip And Fall Accidents

The common cause of slip and fall accidents is wet floors or broken rails. Some injuries like cuts and scrapes are minor, while brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, and head injuries can cause severe damage to the victim. The building owner must ensure everyone’s safety. (more…)

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Median nerve compression (more commonly known as carpal tunnel syndrome) is a condition that results from pressure being put on your median nerve (the nerve that runs the length of your arm). Many people who type frequently, play video games, write, or draw are prone to carpal tunnel syndrome.


There are several symptoms attributed to carpal tunnel syndrome. The most common include numbness, burning, shocking, and tingling sensations accompanied by weakness in the hands and fingers. (more…)

Qualities of a good auto accident attorney

Finding a reputable and experienced car accident attorney to engage is more critical than you may think. If you have of late been injured in an auto accident, you might need an experienced lawyer such as an auto accident attorney Washington-based to represent your interests as you focus on recuperating. A reasonable auto accident attorney ensures that he or she files all the necessary paperwork, offers general legal counsel, determines a fair settlement estimate, collects essential evidence to support your injury claim, negotiates with insurance companies, and appears for you in court if need be. (more…)

Steps to take to receive a car accident settlement

A car accident might be a traumatic experience for the involved parties, but it can be challenging if you do not have the money to pay for damages that were done. Car accidents often result in serious, life-altering injuries. These can include temporary or permanent disabilities, traumatic brain injury  (TBI), and more. A settlement is compensation for these types of injuries. Below are steps to take to receive a car accident settlement. (more…)

How Long Your Personal Injury Case Will Last

You are involved in an auto accident and it was not your negligence. Another party was absolutely responsible and you experienced injuries suffered throughout the accident plus your car was seriously damaged as well. All this results in a personal injury case that you have filed and you anticipate to be resolved for your benefit. Not irrational, particularly given the situations of the auto accident. (more…)