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Posts published in “Injury Law”

Taking Care of Your Workplace Injury

If you have been injured on the job, there are many questions and concerns that might keep you from sleeping at night. You may worry about how you will work during your time off or how you are going to pay your medical bills. Fortunately, our government has put in place several protections for employees who are injured while performing their job duties.

Federal law establishes certain securities for employees, and the workers comp lawyer Oregon residents might contact should pursue the same legal options as someone on the other side of the country. Lawyers who specialize in this area know the details of the law and what benefits you are entitled too. (more…)

5 most common trucking accidents that lead to personal injury

Truck drivers experience unique types of vehicle accidents, when compared with the general motorist population. Trucking accidents are rarely minor incidents. They destroy property and lives. Those who survive often incur major injuries, such as spine injuries, broken bones, head trauma, or damage to internal organs.

All details and information herein contained is provided on behalf of the Mesa personal injury lawyer firm of Goldberg & Osborne, and is intended as a reference only. (more…)

Aspects of Medical Malpractice

Several aspects are related to medical malpractice and victims of such should be knowledgeable about it. Roughly 1% of hospital cases result to injuries due to hospital negligence; 25% of these cases result to death due to complications.

All details herein provided are for informational purposes only, contact experienced Valparaiso injury attorneys for additional details.

Hospital negligence refers to circumstances where a doctor or a healthcare professional does not provide quality healthcare; the burden of proof lies on the plaintiff. (more…)

Delayed Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis of Cancer

Many people trust the expertise of their doctor, but when you find out your doctor misdiagnosed your medical condition or did not accurately diagnose it in a timely manner, it can have a devastating impact on your physical and mental well-being. If you have been a victim of medical malpractice Pittsburgh PA, you may be entitled to receive compensation.

Physician Negligence and Cancer Misdiagnosis

A physician’s actions are considered negligent if he fails to provide the reasonable standard of medical care that other competent doctors would have provided under similar circumstances. (more…)

Halloween has Scary Injury Risks for Kids

Although Halloween is a fun-filled day for kids, it’s also one of the most dangerous days of the year for them. Every year, thousands of children end up in hospital emergency rooms from accidents and injuries sustained on Halloween.

Millions of young children look forward to Halloween in the fall. Dressing up in festive costumes, trick-or-treating for yummy candy, and hanging out with friends and family makes Halloween a high-anticipated event for kids. While children are enjoying a fun night out in the neighborhood, dangers are lurking that could result in injuries. (more…)