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Posts published in “Injury Law”

What to Do After a Car Accident

In the U.S., it’s estimated that six million (or more) vehicle-related accidents occur. The good news is, most involve just property damage, such as damage to the vehicles, rather than the occupants. However, every one of the three accidents will involve an injury to the passengers or driver, and out of those, two of every 10 accidents result in fatal injuries. (more…)

What are pain and suffering damages worth after a car accident?

As we know pain and suffering is one of the components of a damages case in a car accident claim. The others are your medical expenses, your loss wages, future earning capacity issues, future medical expenses. Pain and suffering is often the biggest one to discuss in front of a jury and obviously throughout the litigation of your case with an insurance company but how do you calculate what your pain and suffering is worth? The truth of the matter is there is really no way to do it. All you have a right to in Georgia is a jury of six or 12 of your peers to tell you what your particular pain and suffering is worth. (more…)

Common Mistakes Made When Filing Worker’s Compensation Claims

Workers that sustain injuries at their workplaces are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. The benefits can include medical bills and lost income due to the injuries or sometimes death. Unfortunately, workers start the compensation claim process without knowledge, which causes denied claims or not getting the fair amount of compensation that they deserve. As a way of equipping yourself with knowledge about filing for worker’s compensation benefits, you need to understand some commonly made mistakes. Such mistakes can ruin your case. (more…)

Hospital Malpractice Attorney – Winning to receive compensation

When you go to the hospital or visit the doctor in New York, you want the best health care possible. Regrettably, surgeons and doctors in New York are people as well; and quite often they make mistakes. In case the mistake is small, you do not have to call an attorney. When the hospital malpractice makes you become disabled, even more serious than you were anytime you visit the hospital or clinic, or if it has induced the death of someone you love, then you certainly need a great attorney to help you to be compensated for all the mistakes they have done. (more…)

2 Examples of Personal Injury Claims

You have probably heard the term personal injury while watching the news, or read about it on billboards while cruising down the highway. Have you ever wondered what injuries qualify? A personal injury is what it sounds like – an injury occurring to a person. It does not include property damage. It is damage to the body. It can, however, occur as part of a property damage event, such as a car accident. Find out more about what constitutes a personal injury claim by reviewing these two examples. (more…)