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What to do when faced with an Insurance Dispute

When it is said that the wheels of justice are slow to turn, there is truth in it. However, although justice may appear to be a slow process, it is because of the many procedures some of them complex that a case has to be subjected to before its conclusion. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it speaks to thoroughness for justice to be served for both the plaintiff and the defendant.

Insurance can be a tricky subject even where it should be straight forward. One must always browse this site before trying to get their hands on insurance. When it comes to claims and the insurer needing to pay, things can get ugly if the insurance company tries to muddy the waters with unfounded arguments as to why they cannot pay a claim. It becomes unfortunate when the wheels of justice are clogged by such bogus arguments and cause unnecessary delay in payments to those who are due.

Such problems have been on the rise in recent years mainly because of hard economic times where insurers are feeling the pinch and are not able to make as much profits as before. In a bid to make sure they remain profitable, some insurance corporations result to unscrupulous methods, like trying to wiggle out of genuine customer claims that should be paid.

Lay customers can be taken advantage of by insurance companies when they outline their claim and the insurer responds with some legal jargon as to why they feel that the claim should not be paid. In fact, an Insurance company refusing to pay a genuine claim is a common problem that can affect customers across a wide spectrum. Should this happen to an individual, they need to contact a qualified and experienced insurance claim attorney in Orlando who can take the fight to the company on your behalf.

Cohen Law Group is all about justice. We have handled numerous genuine insurance claim cases with an amazing success rate. Such claims include

  • Homeowner insurance claim disputes
  • Business owner insurance claim disputes
  • Contractors insurance claim disputes
  • Auto accidents and personal injury claim disputes
  • Auto glass insurance claim disputes

When an individual has faithfully and diligently been paying insurance premiums and in their time of need expect the insurer to come through for them only for them to refuse, it can be very discouraging and frustrating. At Cohen Law Group we understand the frustrations and welcome those facing a genuine insurance claim dispute issue to get in touch for professional legal advice and representation.

Our joy lies in championing your rights and we are equipped with the best legal minds on the subject. Contact an Orlando insurance attorney to hear the dispute and offer legal advice.

Resident of Orlando and Central Florida needing help in filing an insurance claim in Orlando can get in touch with Cohen Law Group for professional guidance. This firm has some of the best Orlando insurance attorneys one can ever work with.

Some of the most common disputes or denials of insurance claims include but not limited to the below;

  • Mold contamination
  • Water extraction
  • Damage involving flood, fire, electrical and so forth
  • Hurricane, sink hole and lightning damage
  • Auto Accident, injury and property

If an individual is faced with any of the above insurance disputes or other similar issues Cohen Law Group insurance attorneys will not only listen and thoroughly investigate, but will also aggressively protect your rights in a court of law depending on their findings from the investigations.

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