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Legal Services in Woodstock to Settle your Child’s Custody in the BestInterest of Your Child

The fight for child custody is often one of the most unfortunate side-effects of divorce. As if witnessing your marriage fall apart is not already painful enough, knowing who will take the kids is also equally exhausting. Seeking family legal services in Woodstock is advisable to help you do things in the best interest of your child.

Taking the custody and knowing what your child wants are two different matters. While a broken marriage is a big hurdle to meet these two, a good Woodstock divorce lawyer can make amends and help the both of you get the best of child custody.

Your Child is not Leverage for Custody Cases

Do not do things that will cause hostile reactions for the other party. Refrain from using loopholes in the laws to alter visitation hours for ultimately changing custody, nor putting financial pressure on your ex-wife or husband to give up on taking care of the child. In normal circumstances, the kid still wants to see both of his parents. We prefer not to opt for leverages to avoid irreversible effects on your child’s well-being in the future.

Avoid Fabricating Accusations 

False allegations of child abuse, domestic violence and speaking humiliating comments to the other party in front of your children can damage his psyche. Moreover, this is a ground for you to lose custody cases. Those who make these false accusations are akin to the abusers themselves. The thing a child wants to hear are his parents making lies about his welfare.

Take Any Claims for Physical Abuse Seriously

While we discourage you from fabricating stories for the courts to side with you, you should speak up if you or your child experience abuse from your partner. Think twice before negotiating for joint custody. Make sure your former spouse has attended all the necessary seminars and parenting classes before you allow him to have contacted the kids.

Create a Warm Home for the Children

Case proceedings on child custody are not only lengthy but also stressful. This can be hard, but maintain a loving home for the kids even when during proceedings. Leave the child custody case outside, and focus on taking care of the inside of the house. If possible, your former spouse should also provide support to them.

If You Can, Settle Child Custody Amicably

Going through the legal process of deciding who will take the child custody is exhausting and expensive. An amicable settlement with the presence of a family attorney can save you cash and the hassle of dealing the psychological effects of attending court hearings.

Finding the Best Family Lawyer in Woodstock

Custody litigations are mostly not in the best interest of the child in most cases. If parents can come up with an agreement, then there should be no reason to bring this to a judge. However, some instances require legal assistance especially for cases that involve harassment and domestic abuse. For exceptional family legal services in Woodstock, The Law Firm of Caryn S. Fennell is ready to assist and fight for your rights as a parent in a post-divorce environment.


The legal system can intimidate anyone. Do not face legal challenges alone! As your local family law attorneys, we can help solve your legal crisis and give you the answers you need. Whether getting a divorce or facing serious criminal charges, Contact us.

We will help you! Our experienced Attorneys and firm staff work tirelessly, day in and day out, to help every client deal with very serious Criminal and Family Law Litigation Matters. We are a client-centered law firm that is dedicated to finding the right solution for an affordable price.

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