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The Best Way to Approach Accident Claim Advice

If you have suffered a personal injury, you may be looking to claim for compensation. No matter what the circumstances of your injury; whether incurred at work, in a road traffic accident or as a result of a fall, it is natural to seek accident claim advice. A personal injury can affect you in psychological, physical and practical ways, and you are entitled to look into your eligibility to claim.

How should I approach accident claim advice?

Your approach to accident claim advice is important, ensuring that you are in the right frame of mind from the outset, and that you gather sufficient amounts of information to allow you to make a successful claim.

1. Check your eligibility. You will need to ensure you are eligible to make a claim first and foremost. To be entitled to compensation, the injury will need to have occurred due to someone else’s negligence, will have resulted in the need for medical attention, and in most cases should have happened within the past three years. To double check, you can use an online check tool or call and speak to a compensation advisor or solicitor.

2. Ensure your expectations are realistic. Personal injury claim amounts can vary greatly, depending on your accident and injury type, the severity and whether there are any lasting effects. Make sure your expectations are realistic from the outset, by using an online calculator to find out an estimation of your entitlement. Some injuries may be entitled to hundreds of pounds, and others into the thousands. This figure is based on other similar cases, which will be taken into consideration during the process.

3. Find a legal representative suited to you. Your accident or injury is unique to you – your circumstances; physical and psychological impact will be different to other cases. Choosing accident claim advice is a highly personal choice, and you should choose representation that feels the right fit for you. Some key considerations may be:

  • Do they have specific experience in your accident type? For example, if you have suffered from industrial deafness, do they have proof of other successful cases in this area?
  • How much involvement is required? In some cases you may be required to attend meetings and court, and with other companies you may be able to process your case entirely via the telephone. Think about your preference, and how much time you have to dedicate to your claim.
  • Do they operate on a no win, no fee basis? This is important to ensure you will not need to fork out, should your case be unsuccessful for any reason.
  • Are they regulated in any way? The Ministry of Justice regulates claims management companies, for example.
  • Are you able to find any reviews from other clients?

Once you have considered all of the questions above, you should be ready to find the accident claim advice you need – whether from a solicitor, a compensation provider or any other organisation.

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