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When to Call A Personal Injury Lawyer

Injuries can range from insignificant to serious when you’re involved in an accident of any sort. There’s no telling how much you’ll suffer until you’ve seen the doctor and know the extent of your injuries, and that’s why it’s recommended you see a doctor right away if you’ve been involved in an accident. No matter the type of accident, there are proper procedures involved. You should seek medical attention, notify the proper authorities, and consult a personal injury lawyer about your situation.

Not All Injuries Are Immediate

If you’re involved in an accident with another car, as a pedestrian, or even at work, you should immediately see the doctor. A doctor is going to check you out from head to toe and let you know if you’ve sustained any injuries. The problem is so many people suffer in accidents without realizing it right away. You walk away thinking you’re just fine after being rear-ended in a car accident, but you might not be as fine as you imagine.

Many injuries are invisible. Internal organs can suffer damage in an accident and you don’t see them. Internal bleeding, brain swelling, and even whiplash are invisible to the naked eye, but they only get worse as they are left untreated. You must see the doctor to determine if these injuries are present so you can handle them before they develop further or cause irreversible damage to your body and health.

Not All Accidents are Accidents

Sometimes an accident is just an accident. The driver behind you just didn’t hit the brakes hard enough and bumped into you. He thought he had more time to brake and simply didn’t. Other times, an accident is not just an accident. It’s the result of negligence. The driver behind you didn’t stop because he was on the phone texting his friend and didn’t even see you stopped in front of him. That’s negligence. This driver’s duty of care is to watch the road to ensure his driving is safe.

Texting and driving means he’s breached his duty of care and caused you injury as a direct result of that breach of duty. He is now personally responsible for your injuries and all that this entails. Your accident was not an accident. It was fully preventable if the driver was watching the road.

Financial Problems Grow

If you’re injured, you might have no idea how serious your injuries are. You might be unaware just how expensive your medical bills might be if you’re not sure what they cost, what your insurance covered, or anything else. Calling a personal injury lawyer allows you to ask questions, discuss your options, and get the ball rolling if you need a payout from the other person’s insurance company that’s more than they are offering.

Your legal right in any matter is to speak with your attorney, and this is a prime example. If you’re injured, call an attorney. You might need to get the ball rolling on a lawsuit so you can seek damages for the medical bills you’re paying, the work you’re missing, and the other financial stress you’re under. Someone else’s negligence is no reason for you to suffer financial losses for the rest of your life. You’re dealing with enough right now, and there is no reason you must deal with more than just your injuries. Let a san diego personal injury attorney help you fight for your rights. You might be entitled to damages, and it’s important you seek those as soon as possible.

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