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Top 5 Family Lawyers in Sydney

Family law is one of the most important sections of the laws that governs and that’s why I’ve brought you the top five firms of family lawyers in Sydney. While each one of them is among the top of their fields, be sure to choose the one that suits you and caters to your specific needs. While I hope no misfortune befalls you or your family, this list is a precaution. Because being safe is always better than sorry.
Below is a list created by Leading Lawyers who claim that these firms are the best:
1.    Lawyers Plus
Although a small firm, this commendable firm of family lawyers in Sydney specialises in estate planning and divorce/separation. For more personal cases, like a divorce, a small group of lawyers is often deemed more appropriate. Thus Lawyers Plus is perfect for situations like that with theirs teams of 2-3 core members that can cater to your need in more of an in-depth manner.
2.    The Norton Law Group
This Family law firm in Sydney is a larger firm and specializes in various areas of family law. They boast of a highly qualified individuals specifically dedicated to one particular area of family laws. With over 30 years of experience this firm prides its high profile and well respected members.
3.    O’Sullivan Legal
Founded by Ben O’Sullivan, this family law firm is one of the topmost groups of family lawyers in Sydney. Ben is deemed by many as an expert in family law and had years of successful experience in a family law firm before starting his own. He had even appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald to explain complicated family law cases.
He provides a much sought after combination of family laws and financial services which makes his firm ideal for divorce cases
4.    Armstrong Legal
This is another large law firm based in Sydney with well-qualified lawyers that offer you optimum legal expertise. They are more of an understanding and empathetic group of lawyers who tend to involve their clients in every step of the way to ease client anxiety. Family lawyers in The Armstrong Legal are one of the few consortiums of family lawyers in Sydney who are able to provide rigorous presentation both in and out of the court which becomes a big help for the clients.
5.    Slater and Gordon
With offices in the UK as well, Slater and Gordon are one of the largest firms consisting of family lawyers in Sydney. They are sought after for complicated family law cases such as surrogacy arrangements. They employ a client-friendly approach that avoids courts and opts more for mediation and negotiations. Born in 1935, this firm has seen its fair share of struggle but its honest integrity and quality of work has made it one of the most sought-after law firms in Sydney. The financial litigation help is needed in case one is unable to fund their legal charges.
This comprehensive list is prepared as a guide for you to navigate the sea of family lawyers in Sydney. All of these firms have a client-friendly mode of operation and are honest in their dealings. In turbulent times of familial crises you can count on them to arrange for you a better path free of the complications that plague you now.

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