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The Most Efficient Criminal Lawyers

The brief descriptions of the qualified criminal lawyers are given below.

Proctor and Associates

The lawyer’s team is located in Parramatta and is specialised in criminal law. The team is abundant with accredited specialists who protect the rights of the clients. The client-centered approach is the main attraction of the team which makes the clients fully satisfied. The emphasis given to the criminal law is the main advantage of the team other than the defense barristers. The lawyers encourage negotiations that are the out of the court settlements. This can give the clients speedy litigation and cost effective service. This also makes them more trusted than the other culprit’s advocates. The aim of the team can be summed up to three points. They are:

  1. High grade and inclusive legal assistance that make the client capable to take informed decisions from the options available to them.
  2. All the communication is done in the written form. The language used for the communication is always plain English which can be easily understood by all the categories of clients.
  3. Cost effective services

The personal attention given to each case in the law firm makes the clients feel they are treated well. The clients have a chance to contact the lawyers using the contact information given in the official website. Telephone: (02) 9687 3777

The principal solicitor of the team is Peter Proctor. The other criminal lawyers are Matthew Campbell and Greg Young. The criminal law divisions which the lawyers in the team give services to are noted below:

  1. Assaults – * common assault *actual hurt to the body *reckless wounding * grievous hurt to the body
  2. AVO Matters * domestic disputes * personal disputes
  3. Homicide
  4. Murder
  5. Voluntary or involuntary manslaughter
  6. Charges of assault of sexual kind
  7. Indecent acts
  8. Trespass
  9. Larceny
  10. Receiving
  11. Stealing (motor vehicles)
  12. Malicious damage
  13. Deception
  14. Misappropriations in the documents
  15. Embezzlement
  16. Forgery
  17. Offences by any false instrument
  18. Centrelink offences
  19. False accusations
  20. Intimidation
  21. Perjury
  22. False swearing
  23. Offences related to consumption of any kind of drugs
  24. Offences related to taxation
  25. Summons (Supreme court )
  26. Orders (Supreme court)
  27. Bail applications (local court and supreme court)
  28. Conducts in offensive manner
  29. Carrying of knife (public place)
  30. Prostitution
  31. Graffiti
  32. Appeals
  33. Children matters (children’s court representation)
  34. Cruelty offences
  35. Parking offences

The postal address and the office address are given in the official website. The testimonial of the old clients is also available in the website through which the interested persons can understand the standard of the performance of the team. The another advantage of the firm over the other  offender pleaders is that they can assist the clients in a wide range of law divisions like traffic law, family law, traffic law and son. This increases their knowledge in the application of law. This is obviously an advantage over the other criminalleading lawyers.


In this article you will find all the details about Proctor and Associates a criminal advocate firm.

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