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Pursuing Your Rights in Court

When you have been hurt on-the-job, you may worry that you will get fired and have no way to support your family. The idea of no longer having money on which to live can be frightening. You may be tempted to ignore your injury and suffer through the healing process.

However, your injury could prevent you from being able to work right now and possibly ever again. When you retain the services of a paralegal, law firm, or injury lawyer portland injured workers like you can pursue the rights to which you are entitled in court.

Making a Claim

Before you can pursue compensation in court, you first have to make a claim against your employer’s workers comp insurance. Making a claim can be a frightening task. You realize what it could mean in terms of your own employment and your ability to return to work if you are able.

However, you do not have to fear reprisals at work or being fired because of your injury. Your attorney will make sure your claim is filed in a timely and legal manner. He or she will also ensure the employer does not take adverse actions against you.

Going to Court

When you cannot go back to work, you may need compensation that makes up for your lost income and also addresses your future financial and medical needs. Your employer might be slow to offer a settlement, which is why your lawyer may prepare you to go to court.

If you go to court, you need to convince the judge and jury to decide in your favor. Your lawyer will prepare you with a practice question and answer session. You also will have evidence to present that shows you were not at fault for the injury or accident.

Getting hurt at work does not have to be the end of your ability to support your family. You can go to court and win your case by hiring an attorney who specializes in this area of law to represent you. You can find out more on the lawyer’s website.

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