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You Can Get Your Bail Money Back After the Case

Bail can help you get a loved one out of police custody. You are entitled to having the money returned to you. When a trial has ended, there are two outcomes. You can click to see how the bail money can be returned to you. It can also be returned to the courts. Here are a few ways that you can get your bail returned after the case has concluded.

Bail Release

When a court case is over, the bail bond money is returned to the payer. The burglary bail bonds in CT says that the repayment depends on the jurisdiction of the case and the type of bail that was used. Federal courts do not automatically return bail money. You must file a petition with the courts to ask for its return. A petition must be filed whether you posted the bond with property or cash. You should never expect to receive the full amount to be returned to you. Some courts even will charge you an administrative fee for posting bond. Here are some of the more commonly made mistakes that one can avoid in a bail procedure.

Bail Forfeiture

If you posted bond and the defendant failed to appear in court, you will forfeit the bond. It does not matter whether it was a cash or property bond. You will lose 100 percent of your bond with a non-court appearance by the defendant.

Bail Violation

You may have a chance to have the bail reinstated. Some missed court dates can be excused by a judge. The defendant must have a legitimate excuse for missing a court date. Your bail can be returned if a medical emergency prevented the defendant from appearing in court.

Getting Bail Back from a Bail Bond Agent

A bond agent charges a fee if you use their services. When the defendant shows up to court and complies with the agent’s conditions, the bond will be returned to you. Any fees or administrative costs may not be returned from the bond agent.

More than likely, your bond will be returned to you after the court case has concluded. If you need bail bonds Adams County Colorado , there are options for you.

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