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Bail Bonds Tips

No one wants to get arrested or having a family go to jail, but it happens. Everyone makes mistakes. That’s why the court has a bail system to allow individuals to get of jail until they are proven guilty in court. The amount of bail does change based on the severity of the crime. Sometimes, a crime is serious enough that no bail will be offered.

In many cases, the price of bail is much higher than the person can afford. This is why bail bonds companies exist. They pay your bail for you in exchange for you paying 10% of the total. Once you show up for your court date, they get the bail money back and keep your 10%. If you don’t show you are guilty of a felony and they will track you down.

If this is your first experience with bail, you may be confused by the process. here are some tips to help you.

Three Tips for Bail Bonds

– Use Your Phone Call – As soon as you are booked in jail, they will offer you one phone call. Use this call to phone a friend or family member to look up the close bail bondsman to your jail. It is much easier and quicker to have someone from the outside get it started for you.

– Ask About Crimes – Certain bail bondsmen only provide bail for certain crimes. Be sure that your crime is included in their services before you get too far. That would be a giant waste of time.

– 24 Hours – Bail companies are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are no holidays when it comes to people being arrested and booked in jail. So, don’t hesitate to call one because you think they aren’t open late at night.

In the unfortunate event that you are arrested and offered bail, contact a local company for bail bonds in Stroudsburg, PA. They will be able to get you out of jail that night, allowing you to focus on your case.

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