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An anonymous manages to Seattle police made public recordings cameras

The police increasingly takes more cameras to record their actions. Both security cameras from big cities like the ones in cars are always running and recording data that can be used in many ways. However, they are a public body and the question then is who are these data? Can we access them?

That’s what I was asking an anonymous young computer in the city of Seattle. To achieve this he made a number of requests to the Washington State Police to release that information. So far we have managed to sit at the table with them to become technical consultant and help manage this information.

Video recordings and databases

The agreement came in late last week and although the identity of this computer will not know do know the agreement: Seattle police begin publishing video cameras in their cars YouTube channel for that information is accessible.

Yes, there is a slight catch: the videos will be edited to prevent violation of privacy or sign embarrassing information. In any case the decision has been made and gradually this computer will be receiving the content for publication on the internet and anyone can consult it.

In addition to the recordings, has requested that all t he details of calls to emergencies, written reports are written and search results are published as an official query a database by entering the name of a person or an enrollment of car.

Why is this important agreement? If I have a fairly local, serves to raise awareness of how important it is to manage this information and the privacy of citizens when walking in public places. To all this we must add its key role as evidence if necessary at trial.

The next step is to get cameras that will get official in 2016 also in the public domain. Will have to wait a bit because until the first pilot tests with 1,000 agents will not occur in brief are made. In any case we will see if ensues example elsewhere.

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