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How to Introduce Your Introverted Kiddo to New People

Children can be as introverted, awkward, and shy as adults, so it’s important to remember this when introducing them to someone they might not know, like your friends or relatives they’ve never met. This article should give you an idea of what to do and what not to do when it comes to introductions between your introverted kiddo and new people in your life. Inform New People [out of earshot of your child] That Your Kiddo is Shy and Introverted Introverted children want to be accepted for their shyness, but it makes them shyer for others to talk about their shyness in front of them. Hence, the reason you should step away or pull someone to the side when discussing your child’s introversion.

The explanation of shyness explains a lot to someone new, but you don’t want to be indiscreet and exacerbate your child’s already prominent social anxiety. Keep a Calm, Confident Voice and Carry the Conversation to Engage and Encourage Your Youngster Introverts rely on their support system of family and friends to help them through awkward situations, like social scenarios with new people. Carry the conversation when you introduce someone to your child. Be confident in your introduction, keep a calm voice, and encourage your kiddo to talk by introducing their interests and hobbies into the conversation. Example: “so-and-so loves hockey too.” And let the conversation take off from there. Attempt to find common ground between new people and your introverted youngster by talking about sports, movies, music—i.e. the generics of beginner conversations. Never Leave Your Introverted Child Alone with Someone They Just Met Unless Your Kid Says It’s Ok Never introduce your introverted child to someone and then leave to say hi to someone else. This is like the kiss of death to your kiddo.

They feel overwhelmed, awkward, and scared, which only worsens their social anxiety and feelings of wanting to leave as fast as possible. Sure, they might meander through a shy conversation of small talk about the weather or the dullness of adult conversation, like new laws, politics, criticized loans, but they simply aren’t comfortable around someone they first met. Unless your kid says all is okay, stick with them after making those new introductions until they are comfortable.

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