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Is an E1 visa right for you?

There are a lot of visas available, allowing you to enter the United States. Choosing a visa will ensure that you are here legally, preventing deportation. An E1 visa is used by a number of individuals and companies. By understanding more about whether an E1 will work for you, you can, then, work with an E1 visa lawyer to get the documentation submitted.

Be Involved in International Trade

If you are involved in international trade, you may be able to enter on an E1 visa. This includes the trade of services, goods, and even banking. The intent is for “substantial trade,” though there is no specific value identified. Further, you will need to identify that at least 50 percent of the trade volume is carried out between the United States and a specific treaty country.

Be a National of a Treaty Country

You must be a national with one of the treaty countries on the list that the United States government has provided. This will not apply to family members of the person who is conducting the trade. Some of the treaty countries include Argentina, Australia, China, Greece, Philippines, and the United Kingdom.

Understand Length of Stay

It’s imperative that you understand the length of stay you will be permitted with an E1 visa. You will be granted the opportunity to stay for up to two years. If you meet all of the conditions, you may be able to extend for another two years. Further, there is no limit to the number of extensions that you can make. You will need to reapply for an extension each time, however.

If you are substantially involved in international trade, an E1 visa lawyer can help you with the documentation. It may be the best solution for you to live in the United States legally. Contact a lawyer to find out if you qualify for this visa.

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