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Terrorism Charges Lawyer – Death Threat Defense Attorney

Law enforcement officers and government prosecutors seriously pursue terrorism charges perhaps more earnestly and aggressively than any other violent crime. Ever since the commencement of America’s “War on Terror,” charges have been levied against individuals and groups throughout Texas by state and federal agencies at an increasing rate.

If you are under investigation, are facing allegations or have been charged, you need sophisticated defense representation immediately. People charged with terrorism often face maximum federal penalties, which may include heavy fines, life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

Ed Mason, Criminal Defense Lawyer, has more than 40 years of legal experience representing clients throughout Texas and across the nation. Do not speak to law enforcement officers, investigators or prosecutors. You have the right to remain silent no matter what they tell you. Consult with an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney first.

As a former assistant district attorney in Dallas County, Ed Mason knows how to counteract the aggressive tactics of state and federal prosecutors. He will also represent your case in appeals and post-conviction matters.

Veteran Defense Against Terrorism Allegations And Charges

Terrorism charges would definitely result from plotting or committing any type of attack against state or federal government representatives, agencies or buildings, but several other circumstances could lead to charges of terrorism, including:

  • Conspiracy
  • Terroristic threat, which could result from simply holding a weapon
  • Aiding and abetting an individual or group charged with terrorism
  • Support of terrorist groups or activities, as defined by the federal government
  • Possession of a weapon while on a work or visitor visa

You could be accused of terrorist affiliation even if you have no knowledge that a group you support is allegedly affiliated with a terrorist organization, which could include militias or homegrown border patrols. If you are a foreigner to the United States, you could be deported for any alleged act associated with terrorism.

Foreign students face particular scrutiny. Terrorism is a serious charge that requires rock solid evidence. We can defend you in any case and ensure that your rights and freedoms are upheld.

Ed Mason knows how to protect your constitutional rights. He will not allow terrorism charges to be used as an excuse for racial or religious discrimination, social bias or political motivations.


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