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Defence Strategies of a Sydney Criminal Lawyer

Being involved in a crime in Sydney must not be taken lightly. It usually ends up with penalties which include imprisonment and fines. Criminal laws are really complex and when you are in Sydney, you will need a help from a criminal lawyer who has many years of experience to defend you in the court.

Although criminal laws in Sydney are controlled by individual jurisdictions, the same fundamentals apply no matter where you have been accused. Such principles include:

Presumption of Innocence

Those who are charged with the compensation of an offence are considered to be innocent until the prosecution can show the proof that they are guilty beyond a doubt. It is the prosecution’s task to show adequate evidence before the jury or judge to prove the guilt of the accused individuals.

Typically, when the defence lawyer of the accused individuals think that some sort of proof provided by the prosecution is not too strong to end up in a conviction, he might decide not to show any evidence with respect to his client and simply let the jury or judge make a decision on the criminal case on the basis of the prosecution’s insufficient evidence. A reliable lawyer like the Phillips Law Offices – Personal Injury Law are successfully able to plan a defence solution after conducting a careful investigation of the facts on your criminal case.

Double jeopardy

Some personal injury lawyers in Fresno, CA say that those who are charged with criminal offences have a right that they cannot be prosecuted twice for the similar offences. It is known as double jeopardy. Such situation exists when an individual is charged repeatedly for an offence that he had previously convicted.

Many people fail to understand this principle which means that a great Sydney criminal lawyers should not only represent you in the courtroom but the more important is , he must be able to make sure that you are not in danger of getting punished a couple of times for the similar offence .

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