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Domestic Travel with a Firearm

If you’re used to the safety of concealed carry, you won’t want to leave your gun and 9mm ammo behind when traveling. Pack enough clothes like a concealed weapon vest, jacket, tee-shirt, or pants depending on the season. However, just because you have the gear and a concealed carry permit, doesn’t mean you can bring your gun across state lines. Here’s a primer on the laws.

Reciprocity Laws

Not every state will honor your permit. More than thirty states recognize a concealed carry permit from Arizona, Texas, Utah, Idaho, or Florida. These states also allow non-resident permits, so If your license is up for renewal, you may want to register in one of these states to have more extensive travel options. Leave your gun at home if you are traveling to California, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, or New York because they have no reciprocity with other states. Learn more about state laws from the NRA.

Duty to Inform Laws

Once you have researched where you can bring your firearm, also be knowledgeable about Duty to Inform Laws. If you are pulled over, and an officer asks you if you have a gun in the vehicle, always be honest. Some states, however, require that you tell the officer you have a firearm even if he or she did not ask.


You may not carry a gun on an aircraft, but you can check it. Ammunition can be transported in a hard-sided box, not in the magazine. Consult the TSA for full details on flying with firearms and ammunition. Also, always check with your airline about any specific requirements they may have.

Protecting yourself and your family is just as important on vacation as it is at home. Do your research with the NRA and TSA, plan your trip, and happy traveling!

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