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Preparing Your Things To Move

You are about to move to your new home and need to pack your belongings to take them there. Once you determine the space of your new place, you are ready to get started. Here are a few tips to make it efficient and quick.

Packing the Boxes

When you prepare things to be boxed up, you will want to be aware of the weight and size of them. You might want to do some distribution testing to ensure that the container is easily carried. Keep heavy items like books in a smaller package to keep them from getting too bulky. Write on every box what is in it and what room it should go in to make delivery quick and easy.

Minimize Your Space

Packing your things is a great time for you determine what must stay and what can go. Sort through the things you own and get rid of the items that you can do without. You can put these items online or in a garage sale to sell, donate them to a favorite charity, or ask friends and family if they need them. This will also mean your new home will be a little less cluttered.

Stack It Up

When moving day arrives, stack your boxes in the order of size to keep packages that have fragile items from getting crushed. If you have discarded the boxes for your electronics, wrap them in towels and blankets to transport them safely. You can do this also for large pieces of art and mirrors that have to be moved outside a box. Note on the boxes that are important and need to be opened first so that whoever takes them inside your new house knows to keep it separate from the rest of the items. Also mark which of your belongings is easily broken so that they will be treated with care.

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