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Caplan Luber – Business Practice Area

The firm is engaged in the representation of many forms of business entities on a daily basis in matters involving litigation and non-litigation.  Regardless of whether the business entity client is a Fortune 500 corporation, a general or limited partnership, or a sole proprietorship, the attorneys at Caplan Luber are committed to, among other things, learning and understanding the business of the client, identifying what legal action is necessary and consistent with the client’s overall legal and business objectives, acting responsively and cost-effectively and achieving the highest quality result.  This approach promotes the development of a mutually beneficial attorney-client relationship which is a priority objective of the firm and facilitates “partnering” with the client.

Their attorneys are well-versed in the applicable laws associated with handling business transactions including asset and stock sales, commercial equipment financing and leasing, franchising (discussed in more detail below) and real estate matters together with all attendant contract preparation on either side of the transaction.  They are focused on providing the requisite amount of lawyer required to “get the deal done” to ensure that it closes — there is no over-lawyer at Caplan Luber which could potentially “kill the deal.”  And every business transaction receives the attention required to achieve the goals of the client and to provide the necessary protections to allow enforcement of the contract as to all available rights and remedies in the event of a breach.

Having litigated and tried cases involving most types of business and franchise transactions, the firm has the ability to comprehensively anticipate the pitfalls which could potentially arise in a particular transaction.  Such ability ensures that the contracts and agreements which they prepare are as “bulletproof” as possible and yield the advantage to their client in the transaction at hand.  They are sensitive to the risks which each client faces and evaluates in any deal and strive to handle every transaction as if they are a party as well.  Additionally, they are entrepreneurial in spirit and will assist the client in evaluating possible new ventures and making informed business decisions from a legal perspective.

The formation of and other legal work relating to corporations, partnerships and other business entities is an everyday component of their practice and involves the simplest to the most complex issues – all of which being within the capabilities of Their attorneys.  They advise officers and directors, in-house counsel, general management and other business employees as to various matters.  Attending board meetings, drafting related documents such as resolutions and minutes, and participating with the client and its accountants in the preparation of legally-based information relevant to the financial position of the business entity are included in the tasks which they perform in this practice area of the firm.

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