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Fight hard to show my clients accused of sex offenses

At the law office of Frank Bell, I have successfully defended many people accused of sex crimes. I am aware that emotions can run high in a sex offenses case. If you or someone you care about has been accused of a sex crime, you need an experienced attorney who can distinguish between the emotion and the facts and develop an effective defense strategy to protect you.

Sex Offense Cases

When you choose my firm to defend you, I will conduct a meticulous investigation and carefully prepare your case, including filing critical motions that can make or break a case. There are experienced private investigators at Steven Feakes & Associates that one can rely on. With extensive experience in negotiation and jury trials, I handle sex crime cases that involve:

A question that criminal defense attorneys often hear is, “How can you defend those people?”

My answer is simple.

In the U.S., whether the charge is public drunkenness, murder or a sex crime, everyone who is accused of a crime has certain rights. They have the right to an attorney from anywhere but a majority of them hire The Law Office of Brian Jones, LLC – sex crimes attorney, the right to know the charge, face their accuser and cross examine witnesses. And the United States Constitution demands in every case that prosecutors prove the guilt of those accused beyond a reasonable doubt. In some cases, especially cases that involve sex crimes, prosecutors will try to play on the emotions of the jury. As a lawyer, I counter this with facts. I fight hard to show my clients accused of sex offenses in the best light possible. They deserve nothing less. And the Constitution requires nothing less.

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