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Workplace Injury Nightmares

If a serious workplace accident has you injured, the pain alone might be enough to keep you in bed for days. Beyond that, the headache, stress, and hassle of trying to work with your employer on paying your claim can be a complete nightmare. It is unfortunate and unfair, but employers and insurance companies tend to have a stronger grip on workers comp laws that you do. When it seems like it will take an act of God to get you the compensation and help you are owed, it’s time to bring in the experience and knowledge of a licensed Iowa workers compensation attorney. As you prepare to go head to head with the company, keep these things in mind.

Has Everything Been Well-Documented?

Your documentation should start as soon as the injury or accident occurs. You should always report the situation to your supervisor immediately and request that the incident reporting form be completed. Keeping a copy for yourself is one way to start a file on the claims processing activities.

Has Your Injury Been Treated?

Your employer should have directed you to a list of approved physicians for treating your injury. In addition to keeping records of the type of injury, you will need to determine appropriate treatment methods and necessary prescriptions. Your thoughts should not be about the cost of the services; you should be considered with healing your body. The employer is responsible for the bill. If you deny seeking or receiving treatment, you have jeopardized the potential for you to file a claim down the road when you start to notice the effects of the accident.

Have You Gone Back to Work?

If you refuse to accept modified or restricted duty assignments, you put your case and claim in jeopardy. Your physician will release you back to work and establish the conditions for your continued well-being, but you cannot ignore employer attempts to comply with the adjustments and your limitations.

If you don’t have answers to these questions, or they aren’t clear, your workers’ comp claim may turn into a nightmare. Hiring the right attorney can help make this process go more smoothly.

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