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2 Examples of Personal Injury Claims

You have probably heard the term personal injury while watching the news, or read about it on billboards while cruising down the highway. Have you ever wondered what injuries qualify? A personal injury is what it sounds like – an injury occurring to a person. It does not include property damage. It is damage to the body. It can, however, occur as part of a property damage event, such as a car accident. In the latter case, car accident claims can compensate for the loss. The claims differ depending upon the accident and injury. Find out more about what constitutes a personal injury claim by reviewing these two examples.

1. Falling at Someone’s Home or Business

A slip and fall at someone else’s premises – a home or business – may result in a personal injury claim. If something was on the floor, like water, that was not visible or marked with a wet-floor sign, you may have a solid argument for a personal injury action. A slip and fall attorney Orlando will tell you that anytime you fall, you have the potential of severe injuries. What might seem like a bruise to the ego can have detrimental consequences to the body, especially if the back is injured.

2. A Doctor Doesn’t Give You the Proper Diagnosis

You trust your doctor to do what’s best for you always. However, in some cases, a doctor can make a mistake that should have been avoidable. When a medical provider fails to diagnose you or gives you an incorrect diagnosis, you may waste time on the wrong treatment plan, or worse yet, no treatment plan. A medical mistake of any kind may result in a personal injury claim via a medical malpractice lawsuit. To qualify for this type of legal action, a doctor must have been negligent in his care. While some mistakes are just that, others are avoidable with further testing or a second opinion. A doctor who fails in this regard is subject to a lawsuit, and you are eligible to recover damages. Here is what it means if there is no warning sign when it comes to slip and fall injury.

Any injury can result in a permanent change to your lifestyle. Get help sooner to recover as best as you can.

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