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Common Mistakes Made When Filing Worker’s Compensation Claims

Workers that sustain injuries at their workplaces are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. The benefits can include medical bills and lost income due to the injuries or sometimes death. Unfortunately, workers start the compensation claim process without knowledge, which causes denied claims or not getting the fair amount of compensation that they deserve. As a way of equipping yourself with knowledge about filing for worker’s compensation benefits, you need to understand some commonly made mistakes. Such mistakes can ruin your case.

Ignoring an Attorney

You should not fall into the pitfall of failing to speak to a worker’s compensation attorney about your injuries. For starters, you need to know that you are entitled to compensation for the injuries sustained even if they are minor. Unfortunately, insurance companies and employers dispute these claims. That is why you need to talk to an oregon workers compensation attorney so that you get help during the claim process.

Waiting To Report

Employees make a mistake of failing to report injuries after an accident at their workplace. They are probably afraid of being reprimanded or losing their job due to the injuries. One of the primary reasons why worker’s compensation claims are denied is the failure to report injuries or about the accident in time. You cannot lose your job because of filing a compensation claim for the damages.

Documenting the Injury

It is essential to document the events leading to the accident at your workplace. It may be challenging to keep calm or even record, especially when you are severely injured. You can also ask a colleague to record the accident scene and comments. These details are essential when filing the claim. To talking to an attorney to get a second opinion visit a pharmaceutical injury lawyer.

Worker’s compensation claims can be complicated and sometimes overwhelming. But, if you can avoid these pitfalls, you increase your chances of receiving the rightful compensation benefits. Don’t forget to speak to a worker’s compensation attorney for legal advice and assistance throughout the claim process.

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