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The Court Said What? Helping You Find Bail

You were drunk as a skunk on a long winter night when you crashed into that car, and while you remember some of the events of the evening, you probably don’t remember everything. When you woke up in the containment room, you were confused, dazed, and thirsty, and when your mind cleared enough to request information, you found out you were in jail on a DUI – ahhh, yes. Not one of your finer moments, but in order to explain yourself to your friends and family, you have to get out of jail and back home. Here is what you need to do.

1. Wait

There is nothing you can do until you have an arraignment proceeding before a judge; so, wait patiently and quietly. If you need answers to questions, wait until the meeting before the judge because everything you are accused of will be listed. At the end of the proceedings, the court will issue a bail amount. Now you can stop waiting.

2. Bail

Contact your family or friends and get together the surety amount needed for your bail bond in order to be released from jail. You can visit web site to find more information about the process. The cost is typically 10 percent in cash to the bail bonds Allentown PA company that is helping you, and the rest can be in cash, property, or other valuables. Remember, the 10 percent cash is a fee you will never get back. You should hire a lawyer after getting arrested to help you get a bail.

3. Freedom

Once the bond is paid to the court by the bond company, you will be released from jail. However, you are not a free man or woman. You are restricted to the area in which you live, and anywhere else the court says you can go – and nowhere else.

The moral of this story is to know a good bail bond company, just in case you need one. Oh, and don’t drive drunk – no matter what.

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