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Happily Never After: Steps to a Lower-Conflict Divorce

Divorce is a stressful time and there will be emotional moments but with the proper approach you may be able to save yourself a great deal of heartache. Don’t think of yourself and your spouse as lovers who were supposed to stay together until death but failed. Instead, consider yourselves more like business partners who are dissolving a limited liability company so you can build your own separate firms.

Agree on Terms of the Contract

You can click here and understand the process of divorce as it is important to approach the divorce settlement with a mindset of negotiation, not retaliation. Each party should consult an attorney for advice, then communicate directly with each other to agree on the basics and file for uncontested divorce tampa. Doing so reduces the time it takes for the divorce to become final and may cause less stress on the divorcing couple, any children in the home and extended family.

Act Like Colleagues

When you have to interact with your spouse, communicate as if you are industry colleagues: focus on exchanging factual information, show courtesy and end each transaction quickly and amicably. Anything with numbers—scheduling and money matters—should be in writing. Compose a concise email that includes relevant details and proofread it twice. If a response is necessary, ask for follow-up communication in 24 to 48 hours. Exchanges should be polite but never delve too much into the other’s personal life. When conversations get too heated or hurtful, remember you are always free to say, “let’s stick to the topic at hand,” or end the dialogue until you both have time to calm down.

Parent Cooperatively

If you share children, remember to put their needs first. A business mindset can help you draw healthy boundaries while maintaining an appropriate level of cooperation. In this situation you are less like presidents of different companies and more like managers of two departments within the same firm. You share the same goal: healthy, well-adjusted children. There will be conflicts of interest and budgetary issues, but if you can keep the bottom line in mind, the children can still profit in the end.

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