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Got a document you want translated? Whatever the format, we have the technology to translate it!

Technological developments over the last couple of decades have revolutionized the translation industry. Gone are the days of a translator working with pen, paper and dictionary. Thanks to word processing, the internet, email and translation tools, translators can offer higher quality translation in record time and at more competitive prices according to Linguation Online Translation Agency.

Translators do need to work with editable files so they can use translation software, such as Trados. This is more difficult if files are either scanned or PDF and as many translators are asked to translate documents from these formats, it could be problematic. However, there are many solutions which allow translators to convert files quickly and easily so that they are editable. Linguation offers its customers a full service when it comes to high-quality translation services.

Technology facilitates flawless, faster translation in the format of your choosing

Once the document is converted, the translator is able to edit the document and use translation software and hence is able to increase his or her daily translation output and subsequently offer a more competitive rate. All this in turn not only provides the customer with a better and faster service but also with a more reasonably priced translation. Everyone is happy!

The importance of technology in translation is indisputable. BDÜ, the professional association of interpreters and translators in Germany, acknowledges that, “To succeed in your job today, you need more than solid credentials. In addition to practical experience, staying abreast of new developments in the industry, (including) technical innovations… plays an important role.”

About is an online translation agency based in Munich, Germany, offering a quick and easy process for professional translation. The agency is able to offer translation in a vast number of language combinations and in numerous specialist fields.

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