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Tips for Finding Responsible Purebred Dog Breeders

You may have heard horror stories about puppy mills and abusive dog breeders, affecting your willingness to purchase a purebred dog. However, you can find a good, reputable, responsible dog breeder if you desire a purebred dog. Don’t just search “German Shepherd breeders Florida.” Follow a few key steps to find the right breeder.


Always seek referrals, especially from veterinarians and the American Kennel Club. Check the breeder’s references and search for online complaints and testimonials.


You may first contact the breeder to ask some key questions. For example, breeders should be able to tell you about the animal’s physical and personality characteristics, common health issues, and training requirements.

These breeders will also discuss how their puppies are raised, including their diets, health records, routines and socialization. You should ask them about their breeding practices and genetic predispositions.

Ask who these breeders sell their dogs to. Be wary of those who sell to pet stores. Finally, ask for references, and contact previous clients and their veterinarian.


Visit the home or facility of the breeders. You want the facility to be clean and well organized. The dogs should be treated as part of the family, not locked in cages or crates. Find out if they spend time with their puppies individually as well as in a group setting.

Observe how the dogs act and react to their owners. Are they friendly and happy to see them, or do they shy away from them? Also, watch how they are with other animals and with you. Are they curious and open, or are they aggressive or fearful?

Ask for medical and pedigree paperwork.

Your Interview

Expect a reputable breeder to ask you probing questions. They want to make sure you have the ability and willingness to care for their dogs properly. They may ask about your lifestyle, home and family.

If you have decided to purchase a purebred dog, take the time to research breeders and choose the best breeder and puppy you can find.

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