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Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

In many states and countries, personal injury lawsuits are filed when one party is harmed due to another party’s negligence. Through the years, personal injury cases dynamics have changed. A personal injury lawyer will file a civil lawsuit with the court after proving the client needs compensation for the injuries.

There are three ways in which personal injury cases are solved. Firstly, through out-of-court settlements, where both parties mutually agree on the compensation amount. Secondly, through court, the lawsuit reaches trial, and the jury decides in some cases. Thirdly is through the alternative dispute resolution. The alternative dispute resolution is a happy informal settlement involving mediators and arbitrators.

Many victims often choose the third way, since it doesn’t involve settlements nor civil lawsuits. For a personal injury case to hold ground, there has to be negligence. It is the work of a personal injury lawyer to prove the other party is negligent. The elements of negligence include;


Before filing a lawsuit, personal injury lawyers must attempt to determine if the defendant owed the plaintiff duty of care. For instance, in medical negligence cases, the lawyers must identify that the doctors owed medical care to the patient. In certain cases, the relationship between the defendant and the plaintiff between the said parties spurs a legal duty.

Breach of duty

After identifying the defendant’s duty, the lawyer must determine if they failed to act or intentionally breached their duty. For example, in a car accident, the personal injury lawyer can determine if the driver’s breach of duty caused the accident either through reckless driving or speeding.


After proving duty and breach of duty, the personal injury lawyer must prove the causation to the plaintiff. The question will arise if the injuries sustained by the plaintiff resulted from the accident, if the injuries caused were not present before, and if the plaintiff didn’t foresee the action causing the injury.


The last element of negligence that all parties look forward to. For the court to compensate the plaintiff, the damages must be clearly outlined and proved.

There are many different types of injury cases that lawyers specialize in, such as catastrophic accidents, home nursing care abuse, boating, and aviation accidents, mesothelioma, and asbestos exposure. Below are some common causes that many find themselves in, apart from medical negligence and auto accidents.

Product liability

This form of liability arises when injuries occur at the home, workplace, and in the public due to defective and dangerous products. In this case, responsible parties are the ones who marketed, sold, designed, and manufactured dangerous and defective products. Additionally, operation manuals and improper warnings do lead to product liability injuries.

Premises liability

This form of liability occurs when accidents happen due to defective and dangerous conditions on someone’s property. For example, one may trip over an obstacle in the shopping mall, fall down the stairs or get a dog bite on your neighbors’ property. It is appropriate to report the defective and dangerous condition immediately after the accident occurs. A reputable personal injury advocate will use the information given to help you claim your compensation.

Workplace accident

There are several pitfalls and obstacles while dealing with a work injury case. According to the different state laws, one may be required to seek advice from a workers’ compensation lawyer or a personal injury lawyer. The workers’ compensation act covers the employees and requires employers to provide compensation and benefits to the injured party.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know their rights. Accidents happen, and the injured parties take care of all the expenses. Seeking advice from a personal injury lawyer will ensure you get justice.

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