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4 Primary Duties of a Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney has few duties to fulfill. Not only are they in charge of all aspects of your case, but they have to defend you in and out of court. Knowing what those duties are will help you understand what to expect when you need to hire one. Below are a few of those responsibilities.

Defend You in The Court of Law

This is one of the primary reasons people hire a criminal defense attorney. As stated by the American Bar Association, the primary duty of a criminal defense attorney is to defend a client’s rights and advocate for them. Therefore, when looking for a criminal defense attorney Daytona Beach ensure they have proper knowledge of your needs and the situation to represent you effectively.

Understand the Case

The attorney needs to learn about all matters regarding the case and you. They must get the version of events from you for a better understanding. It is only after they have understood the details that they can try and come up with the best outcome for the situation.

Investigate and Collect Information

Another role your lawyer plays in investigating the case is to collect information to prep for trial. They have to analyze all elements of your case, interview witnesses, and go through the prosecution’s evidence. The more information they have, the better they can defend you.

Keep You Updated

One of the major duties of a defense lawyer is to update the client on how things are going. Constant communication helps a client know what is going on. For instance, maybe a finding from the prosecutor’s side can help trigger the memory of a client about something they had forgotten. Therefore, as soon as something new comes up, they need to inform you.

As a client, your biggest duty is to ensure you choose a qualified attorney. An attorney keen on following their duties will do a better job of representing the best possible outcome.

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