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When Employees Work at Home, Try These 43Things To Bring Them Closer Together

Working from home offers people numerous perks. The staff gets the opportunity to flex time, see family more and manage home tasks on their own schedule. Unfortunately, a drawback of this opportunity could be a decrease in interaction among team members. Their ability to work together, understand personalities and bond may be diminished without the coffee bar and water cooler talk. So, what can you do? The following are three ways to bridge that distance.

1. Plan Occasional Together Meetings

If numerous people are in town, you could search online for professional meeting room rental MA to locate a facility with space to bring employees together. Think of it as a working lunch. But in that room, people are going to converse and get to know one another. This becomes a bit more personal, and you can feel for everyone’s habits and ideas. Try it out every couple of months. It’s likely cheaper than having a rental space and offers a different atmosphere to brainstorm concepts for team projects.

2. Devote Time To Online Collaboration

Be sure that everything isn’t always a dictated meeting or independent work time. Project managers should be getting the whole team together for discussions online just like they were in the office and give time for bonding. During this time, people can share ideas but also work together.

3. Encourage Personal Stories

People are at home. There may be kids, spouses and pets in the background. Don’t be afraid to make a nice comment about those you are seeing or ask how everyone is doing. Being home doesn’t mean you don’t have to care about each other’s lives. Allow people to share what they did over the weekend or any major occasions that have occurred.

As the workforce shifts more to a home-based model, companies do not have to throw out the idea of in-person work. Try to find ways to encourage discussion and bonding, even from a distance.


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