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Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring An Accident Attorney

Are you looking forward to hiring a car accident lawyer? An excellent car accident attorney will represent you at the settlement table and in court. This professional will protect your rights, including ensuring that you get fair compensation in the long run. Yet, before you invest in this auto accident attorney, you need to understand a few things about them.

An Accident Attorney Works With a Team

An accident attorney works with a significantly massive team behind them. This team helps streamline the process, ensuring that everything happens on time. For instance, this professional will have paralegals to support them. This paralegal will conduct interviews, locate witnesses, and draft legal documents. They will also summarize testimony, depositions, and correspondence.

An auto accident attorney will also have several expert witnesses within their network. An expert witness is a professional specializing in a field whose knowledge will help improve your winning odds. Notable expert witnesses include medical experts, psychiatrists, reconstructionists, and private investigators.

Pricing Structure

One of the biggest worries when looking for an auto accident attorney is the cost of representation. You will likely shy away from professionals who will likely charge a premium. Fortunately, most lawyers charge a contingency fee when handling personal injury and accident lawsuits.

A contingency fee is the most preferred method when handling personal injury claims. This structure requires you to pay the attorney a percentage of the monetary value you win in a case. This figure could range between 10% and 33% of the deal, depending on your agreement. Yet, it will only suffice if you win the case.

This arrangement forces the attorney to concentrate on the case, improving the winning odds. It will also relieve you of the burden of finding money, yet you should be focused on recovery. Ideally, this pricing structure is suitable for anyone on a pretty tight budget.

Understand Their Roles

You need to understand the role of an excellent personal injury attorney before hiring them. An accident attorney aims to protect your rights and ensure that you get fair compensation for your injuries. This compensation should cover your medical bills, vehicle repair or replacement, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

This lawyer will represent you on two levels: during settlement and in the court. While most cases end at the settlement table, it is never a guarantee. Your attorney will negotiate to ensure that you get a pretty favorable settlement package to cover your expenses. Yet, if this does not happen, they could head to the courts. This attorney will represent you on both occasions, protecting your rights.

How Long Does The Case Take?

A personal injury lawsuit can be pretty complex, meaning it could take some time. Yet, this will often depend on how skilled your attorney is. An excellent lawyer will ensure that the process does not derail, guaranteeing fair compensation within a short period. Remember, this lawsuit could take between a few months and two years.

However, it is essential to understand why your case could drag out. In most cases, it could be because the case involves too much money, you are yet to recover fully, or the case faces factual issues. In such instances, you could consider short money, meaning that you get between 30 and 40% of what you would have gotten in the long run. This approach is not advisable.

Understanding the aforementioned aspects will help tame your expectations, ensuring that everything is streamlined. However, this is not to say that the list is exhaustive. Some lawyers might want to personalize approaches.

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