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Garrick McFadden: The Top Dog Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer:

When it comes to personal injury law in Phoenix, Arizona, one name stands out above the rest: Garrick McFadden. With a career spanning over two decades, McFadden has established himself as a formidable advocate for those who have suffered injuries due to accidents and negligence. His dedication to justice and extensive legal expertise make him the “top dog” in personal injury law.

A Stellar Legal Background

Garrick McFadden’s journey to becoming a top personal injury lawyer began with a solid educational foundation. He earned his law degree from the prestigious University of Southern California Gould School of Law, a top 20 law school. Additionally, he holds a Master’s in Business Taxation from the same institution, which uniquely positions him to handle complex financial aspects of personal injury settlements.

Extensive Experience and Proven Results

Significant achievements and experience mark McFadden’s legal career. He has been admitted to practice law in Arizona and California for over 17 years. Throughout his career, he has handled personal injury cases in nearly every county in Arizona, taking and defending over 500 depositions and trying more than eight civil jury trials. One of the hallmarks of McFadden’s practice is his ability to secure substantial compensation for his clients. He has returned over $4,000,000.00 to Phoenix injury victims, demonstrating his effectiveness in negotiating and litigating personal injury claims.

A Unique Approach to Personal Injury Law

His client-centered approach sets Garrick McFadden apart from other personal injury lawyers. He prides himself on treating each client respectfully and taking a deep personal interest in their cases. Unlike attorneys delegating significant portions of their work to paralegals, McFadden handles each case, ensuring his clients receive the best possible representation. McFadden’s experience as an in-house attorney for one of the largest auto insurance companies gives him a unique perspective on personal injury cases. He understands the tactics used by insurance companies to minimize payouts and uses this knowledge to create leverage, ensuring that his clients receive fair and reasonable compensation.

Commitment to Civil Rights and Community

Beyond his work in personal injury law, Garrick McFadden is a dedicated civil rights advocate. As a black Phoenix civil rights lawyer, he has spent the past decade fighting for the rights of all Americans, particularly those from marginalized communities. His work includes taking on the Phoenix police union and advocating for accountability in cases of police brutality and unlawful detainment. McFadden’s commitment to justice extends to his involvement in local and national politics. He has served as the Chair of the Black Engagement Committee for the Maricopa County Democratic Party, significantly increasing Black voter turnout and advocating for policy reforms that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Garrick McFadden’s combination of legal expertise, dedication to his clients, and commitment to civil rights make him the top personal injury lawyer in Phoenix. His track record of securing substantial client compensation and his unique approach to handling cases set him apart in the field. Garrick McFadden is undoubtedly the “top dog” to turn to for justice and fair compensation for anyone needing a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix.


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