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About the UK Law Society

The law is a basic fundamental concept of our everyday lives and our society in general. We need rules and regulations to peacefully co-exist with each other and to also be able to ensure that everyone’s rights and freedoms whether they are children or adults are respected and upheld. In this article, I wish to discuss more about solicitors and their relationship to the UK law society. Solicitors are legal professionals that are qualified to deal with legal matters such as drawing up wills, conveyancing and other legal matters that may arise. Solicitors can also represent clients in court or they can instruct barristers in their legal issues. (more…)

Should I have a patent for my PCB prototype ?

A PCB prototype is unnecessary to have a patent, but it may have value. If you work in secret, and you feel you have the time, building a prototype can trigger a better patent. It will help you find what the original concept is, it minimizes ideas that seemed good at the time but did not work, and it educates you on additional embodiments and the design-around. This knowledge can help create a patent which is more clear, more comprehensive, and harder to infringe upon.

However few people have the richness of making a LED PCB prototype initially. If you want to widely share or even pre-sell your innovation so that you can get financing for the prototype, you will need to patent it before the prototype is created. (more…)


Hiring an attorney is an investment but not every fender-bender justifies hiring one. You can learn the basics about settling routine claims yourself. If you take the time to educate yourself about the claims system, you don’t need a lawyer to help with routine or minor car accident claims. This way you can handle and settle your own claims. The key is to figure out which cases you can settle yourself, and which require a lawyer. Settling your own claim is possible and profitable. You may be comfortable settling your own claims if your out-of-pocket expenses are small but may not be able to handle high-cost claims. (more…)

Things to do when you are dealing with DWI conviction in Houston

If you are living in Houston and thinking about a DWI conviction you have to remember how significantly it can have an impact on numerous areas of your life. It might be a problem financially and emotionally and you might even lose your job over it. Many times it ends up in personal difficulties with your family relationships as well. To help counteract the problems of a Houston DWI conviction, it is best to hire a DWI lawyer. (more…)

The most common legal issues found in the realm of technology

One of the most common areas when dealing with technology law involves concerns resulting from copyright. When talking about internet, computer, and technology law, copyright topics have become really popular. Legally protecting copyright with the year on year growth of the Internet is becoming very stressful. Truth be told , with the expansion of the Internet , and with the growing cases and intricacy of copyright problems related to the Internet , you will find a new legal niche including attorneys that put all their practices on such issues . (more…)