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Posts published in “Business Law”

What You Should know about New Export Control Laws

The export of any item to a foreign country comes within the purview of export control regulations.  The word item indicates not only commodities but also services and technologies.  The export administrative regulations are meant to impose restrictions on the export of items to a person in a foreign country so as to maintain the safety and security and also the economic system prevailing in the country.   Without these regulations it would become difficult to control the business community in this era of internet and other communication processes.  (more…)

Hiring a Business Attorney Can Save Your Business a Lot of Headache

Two key resources that every business, big or small, needs early on, is an accountant and an attorney. An accountant is obviously the person who will help keep your finances in order, and as money is the primary reason most businesses are formed, it makes all the sense in the world ensure that a businesses finances are in order

So from setting up your accounting software, to keeping track of all your business financial statements, to collecting information that is necessary for state, federal, and local tax returns and much more.

An attorney on the other hand is somewhat of an entirely different proposition. So while an accountant is perhaps someone who will practically be needed in the everyday running of the business, to keep track of all cash inflows and outflows as has been previously stated, a lawyer on the other hand will very often not be needed in the same frequency. There are however very critical times in the business when a business attorney absolutely must be involved in your business. (more…)

The Legality of Bitcoin

It is perfectly normal to have questions regarding the legality of using Bitcoin. The system created a completely new paradigm apart from the conventional regulators and set of laws that control fiat currency. Not like illegal, deceitful money, which is an obvious instance of a “currency” that misrepresents of itself as lawful tender, Bitcoin is totally different. However, it works in a relatively gray area with regards to regulation. Nevertheless, some of these matters break down to misunderstandings or even deficiencies in real rules that control Bitcoin , instead of overt violations of the current law. (more…)

The reasons why you need SEO service

Many bloggers or webmasters will apparently suggest; you can stay online on the Web without having help of any SEO company. However this surely is applicable to a certain set of cases. Web publishers who would like to share their thought without attempting to get any massive traffic to their site might not need SEO help. Site owners whose website is already popular among its specific audience might need SEO service to popularize it more. Again, any person who just stay online with the Web without any reasons to be popular or gaining revenue can continue to exist online without SEO.

However these cases are very uncommon , particularly if a person is online to make money , when individuals is on a business that is very competitive and when people have to concentrate on potential traffic to achieve more attention . (more…)

How An IRS Lawyer Can Help a taxpayer With An Offer In Compromise

As a taxpayer, you might be eligible to pursue a settlement plan known as an “Offer in Compromise”. This plan enables a taxpayer to hire offer in compromise lawyer to deal with late tax obligations. In case you are not familiar with such a process, it is highly advised you hire an IRS lawyer. A skilled IRS lawyer will guarantee you will not miss any opportunity for approval of your offer. Additionally, an attorney may give some other services to taxpayers in difficult situation.

It is really possible for a troubled taxpayer to settle tax debts. Nevertheless, the procedure for an Offer in Compromise is often rather complicated to the person with average skills. It is a smart choice to hire an IRS lawyer to assist you. There are particular situations in which a tax unpaid debt can be compromised. (more…)