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Posts published in “Family Law”

Must Have Items for Racehorse Training

Training a horse can be a challenge, but it can also be very rewarding if it is done correctly. Whether you are planning to train a horse to run laps on a professional racecourse, teaching your horse to do amazing jumps, or just helping your horse to get more exercise, you will need some specialized equipment. Below are some of the best items to have on hand when training a racehorse. (more…)

Child Relocation after Divorce

Child Relocation cases are perhaps the most difficult matter the divorce and family law courts must consider. Usually, both parents present reasonable and compelling positions with respect to whether the child or children should remain with them. In a relocation or move-away matter, one or the other parent will be extremely satisfied while the other parent will be very dissatisfied with the outcome. This office can help the moving or staying parent increase the likelihood that they will prevail at trial on this issue. (more…)

High Conflict Custody

A high conflict child custody matter arises when the parents cannot agree on most issues affecting child/children. When parents are diametrically opposed to each other’s parenting style, values and way of dealing with children, this can place an extraordinary burden upon the child/children of the marriage. This is a particularly unhealthy situation for your child/children. (more…)

Happily Never After: Steps to a Lower-Conflict Divorce

Divorce is a stressful time and there will be emotional moments but with the proper approach you may be able to save yourself a great deal of heartache. Don’t think of yourself and your spouse as lovers who were supposed to stay together until death but failed. Instead, consider yourselves more like business partners who are dissolving a limited liability company so you can build your own separate firms. (more…)

Marriage Advice From A Divorce Attorney

Communication is my advice for somebody considering getting married. I actually believe that communication is important if you are thinking about taking the relationship to the next level and moving in together. I know a lot of people have prenuptial agreements, I think they are great; but in young marriages or marriages where the parties don’t have a ton of money, it may not be necessary. What I do believe is necessary is determining what the expectation of each of the parties are, determining what the deal if you will is. (more…)