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How Does Probate Process Work?

The probate process resolves disagreements over the will’s validity by “proving” it before the court. Proving a will can be done through an affidavit, signed under oath, by the deceased person’s witnesses. It is important to note that the witnesses may have to be in person to testify that the dead person was of sound mind when they signed the will. (more…)

Apostille Services for Your Legal Documents

The apostille certificate is used to verify that the document which is attached is actually authentic and also has been checked by the appropriate authority in its country of origin. When this certificate has also been attached the document will be legalised for use in a different country and will also be accepted by authorities in countries that have become a member of the Hague Convention. A lot of countries which have not become a member of the Convention also understand apostilled documents. (more…)

Everything You Need to Know About Business Law

If you’re about to start your own business, you may be wondering what the legal aspects of your new venture are. While your business is an entity separate from the owners, it is still subject to the same laws and rules. Business law establishes legal standards, protects rights, and settles disputes. Listed below are some of the essential elements of business law.  (more…)

How a Phoenix Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Like other accidents, an auto accident is a situation that most of us would expect not to get involved in. This is important for you to file a claim for a driver that has been careless and also brought on the accident. The expertise of a skilled Phoenix lawyer must be hired so that you can get justice.

Like any other states in America, the laws in Phoenix are relatively similar to that of some other states. In Phoenix, you will find a procedure on hand to figure out the carelessness associated with a Phoenix auto accident. (more…)

What Percentage Does Personal Injury Lawyers TakingLawyers Take?

The first question you should ask yourself when considering hiring a personal injury attorney is: what percentage of your compensation do they take? The percentage will vary depending on the situation. Typically, personal injury attorneys will take around 40% of the settlement or verdict. However, some attorneys will negotiate with you to reduce the fee. You should also consider the reputation and skills of your attorney before committing to one. However, here are some examples of contingency fee rates: (more…)