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Learn About Lawyer Retainer Fees

Depending on the nature of one’s legal problem, hiring a lawyer may be necessary. Just like a doctor, accountant or anyone who provides professional services, a lawyer must always be selected with great care. Part of the selection process should include a candid discussion about fees. The nature of your legal issue, the amount of time needed for research, filing papers and appearing in court, along with, the reputation and experience of the lawyer will help to determine what the billing procedure will be and the lawyer’s rate of charge. Types of fees can include: by the hour, a percentage fee, a flat fee, a contingency fee, or a retainer fee. Understanding lawyer retainer fees can help you control your finances better and help you make better financial decisions when working with your lawyer. Here is what you need to know about paying a retainer fee.

Most lawyers prefer to charge by the hour . So, if you speak with the lawyer on the phone, you could be billed for the entire conversation, even if the nature of the call had nothing to do with your legal matter. It’s important to know if your legal fees will cost more than you can afford and what you can do to help bring down the cost. (more…)

5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Car Accident Lawyer

You might not give much importance to the fact that choosing a car accident lawyer can be important too. But trust us it holds much importance than people generally think. You will need a car accident lawyer when you meet with an accident and more than focusing on the case you need to focus on your recovery. A good car accident lawyer will be one who is able to represent your interests in the best possible manner. He will be perfect in the paperwork, tendering the right legal advice, negotiating with the other party and representing you in the court if and when needed.

If you too are looking for a reputable car accident lawyer then you should look for these abilities in the prospective lawyers you are talking to. (more…)

Legal Services in Woodstock to Settle your Child’s Custody in the BestInterest of Your Child

The fight for child custody is often one of the most unfortunate side-effects of divorce. As if witnessing your marriage fall apart is not already painful enough, knowing who will take the kids is also equally exhausting. Seeking family legal services in Woodstock is advisable to help you do things in the best interest of your child.

Taking the custody and knowing what your child wants are two different matters. While a broken marriage is a big hurdle to meet these two, a good Woodstock divorce lawyer can make amends and help the both of you get the best of child custody.

Your Child is not Leverage for Custody Cases

Do not do things that will cause hostile reactions for the other party. Refrain from using loopholes in the laws to alter visitation hours for ultimately changing custody, nor putting financial pressure on your ex-wife or husband to give up on taking care of the child. In normal circumstances, the kid still wants to see both of his parents. We prefer not to opt for leverages to avoid irreversible effects on your child’s well-being in the future. (more…)

Are You Qualified for Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you are unable to work because of a medical condition, you might be qualified to receive disability benefits by means of the Social Security Administration. Prior to starting the application process, you will need to know a few things to consider.

Social Security disability insurance is welfare for workers who cannot continue working because of a serious medical problem. It is a disability insurance plan for workers.  If you played a part in Social Security in the jobs you have had by only paying for an employment tax known as the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA), you will be insured for benefits. Keep in mind that your benefits are determined from your employment history. So, when you are no longer on duty and paying for FICA taxes, you will never get extra in benefits, even though your condition worsens. (more…)

Personal Injury Claim or File a Lawsuit: What’s The Difference?

Getting injured in a car accident that is entirely not your fault can have major consequences to you. You will be incurring hospital and medical bills. Your expenses do not stop after you are discharged from the office because your therapy will continue. So what is your best option?

Do you file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver or file a claim and negotiate for a settlement? A personal injury and a lawsuit are separate and distinct so you need to know which one is most applicable to your situation. Seek advice from DUI defender in Fresno to know the difference.

Difference between a Claim and Lawsuit

A personal injury claim involves you and the insurance company of the at-fault driver before a lawsuit is considered. In this stage, you negotiate with the claims adjuster of the insurance company. The end goal is a compromised settlement payment where both parties are satisfied. (more…)