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Posts published in “Business Law”

Business Bank Loan in Singapore

Singapore Business bank loans are brought to you by banks in return for some form of collateral, typically some piece of property or home that the businesses has. Another period for this kind of loan is business collateral loans. The majority of Singapore businesses have some type of stock or property that is really worth more than the total amount of the loan they may be asking their loan provider for. (more…)

SME Loan Brokers Are A Great Resource for Funding

With the complicated nature of the loan market, many credit seekers feel unequipped to properly find the perfect loan packages, terms, and rates available. Several credit seekers don’t even understand where to start or even which kind of loan will meet their specific needs. The good thing is that SME loan brokers are a great resource for support in locating the best SME loan packages and rates offered to match most consumers’ particular needs. (more…)

Tips For Contract Negotiation

Any time you sign a contract with an individual, it is recommended that you understand what you are going to sign. There might be hidden words in the paper that you are not able to catch and you will need to read it very carefully. You may even ask a family, friend or even your attorney to review the contract with you so you can understand everything. If you would like to modify anything in the written agreement, it is crucial that you consult the individual that you are dealing with. (more…)

Got a document you want translated? Whatever the format, we have the technology to translate it!

Technological developments over the last couple of decades have revolutionized the translation industry. Gone are the days of a translator working with pen, paper and dictionary. Thanks to word processing, the internet, email and translation tools, translators can offer higher quality translation in record time and at more competitive prices according to Linguation Online Translation Agency. (more…)