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Posts published in “Criminal Law”

Roles available for forensic nurses in the legal realm

Among the latest in-demand fields in nursing is forensics. This dynamic career path is high on the list of attractive careers for nurses who want more. A forensic nurse spends more time in a crime laboratory or examining the bodies of crime victims. They collect evidence and are often called upon to testify in court. In the case of crimes with surviving victims, these nurses meet patients’ emotional needs and are crucial in helping them get justice. They also care for these victims and provide closure to prevent a recurrence of the incident. A lot goes into the preparation for switching to this field. If you intend to switch to this career path, you are on time. This article introduces you to some interesting roles available for you. (more…)

The relationship between criminology and criminal justice

Criminology is a field of criminal science that collects and analyzes information on crime and criminal behavior. It is strongly connected to psychology and sociology. In criminology, the suffix “ology” denotes a field of study. It is a social science that examines how people behave with regards to offenses and criminal activities.

The main goals of criminology are to evaluate the types of crimes that are committed, their statistics, the criminal conduct that leads individuals to engage in crimes and crime prevention. The study of criminology is incredibly intriguing since it examines both the psychology of crime and its behavior using scientific methods. (more…)

Roles and Responsibilities of a Federal Crime Attorney That You Should Know About

You need to hire a criminal defense lawyer if you’re facing criminal charges. You’ll need a lawyer who is passionate about criminal law, has a thorough understanding of litigation strategies, is compassionate toward their clients, and represents their clients in the most professional way possible. In addition, they should be well-versed in the judicial system and have excellent public speaking abilities. Prior experience in criminal defense law is also an advantage. Criminal attorneys also need to be adept at conducting research and analyzing cases. They should be able to craft a compelling defense strategy for their clients and resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. (more…)

The Purpose of Bail Bonds

Bail bonds aim to ensure that a defendant appears in court. It is to protect the public, but bail can be a high cost for some people. Fortunately, bail bonds are a great option for people who cannot afford to post bail. These bonds are typically issued to a cosigner or other person with financial responsibility for the defendant’s release. The purpose of a bail bond is to free someone from custody when they cannot post bail on their own, typically because they do not have access to cash. You can find bail bond companies online by searching for “Kannapolis bailbonds near me.” (more…)