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Posts published in “Criminal Law”

John Branca Attorney Agrees That Being a Celebrity Comes With Some Unique Challenges

Did you ever dream of becoming a movie star? Or have you wondered what it would be like to be a famous singer performing for thousands of fans? Being a celebrity may seem like an exciting and privileged lifestyle, but there are challenges as well. For example, most celebrities suffer from a lack of privacy, public scrutiny, and sometimes even libel and slander. (more…)

Tips on Choosing A Bail Bond Agency

After a loved one gets arrested, things always seem to happen so fast that one can easily feel overwhelmed. Amidst the chaos, you have to think of a way to keep your loved one out of jail. Fortunately, most people who get arrested are often released on a cash bail bond as they wait for trial. Since most people hardly have liquidated cash lying around, they can work with bond agencies. However, the challenge comes when one is unsure of the agency to go with. Below are some tips you can use to narrow down your search. (more…)

Benefits of Hiring A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Fort Lauderdale

If you have a pending criminal case against you, the chances are that you are worried about the end results. Criminal offense accusations can be scary and distressing, whether you are at fault or innocent. It gets worse when the other party is committed to doing everything to ensure you go to jail, and they have the resources and grounds to do so. Not only that, but it is generally challenging for a first-timer to maneuver the legal system. (more…)

Things You May Not Know About Bail Bonds

Bail bonds help those who have friends or loved ones who have been arrested and arraigned or must pay bail prior to their release. Before searching for “bail bonds Allentown PA,” there are a few things you may not know about bail bonds.


Bail bonds are not available in every state. For example, Maine, Wisconsin, Illinois and Oregon are just 4 states that do not allow bail bonds. In addition, the only countries with commercial bond systems are the Philippines and United States. (more…)

Basic Tips for New Concealed Gun Carriers

When you’ve completed the necessary steps to earn your concealed carry license, it’s time to make decisions about which guns to carry, learn how to choose wardrobe pieces, and understand your new responsibilities.

Choose Your Gun

It may seem logical to choose a smaller gun because it’s easier to hide and lighter to tote around, but this may defeat your purpose for carrying it in the first place. Those little guns are harder to sight, are harder to grip, and generally require an advanced level of expertise. Instead, choose a gun that is best suited to your abilities and purpose. (more…)