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Posts published in “Injury Law”

How Long Your Personal Injury Case Will Last

You are involved in an auto accident and it was not your negligence. Another party was absolutely responsible and you experienced injuries suffered throughout the accident plus your car was seriously damaged as well. All this results in a personal injury case that you have filed and you anticipate to be resolved for your benefit. Not irrational, particularly given the situations of the auto accident. (more…)

Understanding the Legal Proceedings in Accident Cases

Several factors determine if a case goes to trial or reaches a settlement. Most of the time, the parties involved refuse to compromise or give in. Legal proceedings can be long and tiring. One needs a lot of patience and a good truck accident lawyer to ensure you get justice. Some of the factors that lengthen the legal proceedings include causation and liability.

Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

In many states and countries, personal injury lawsuits are filed when one party is harmed due to another party’s negligence. Through the years, personal injury cases dynamics have changed. A personal injury lawyer will file a civil lawsuit with the court after proving the client needs compensation for the injuries.

There are three ways in which personal injury cases are solved. Firstly, through out-of-court settlements, where both parties mutually agree on the compensation amount. Secondly, through court, the lawsuit reaches trial, and the jury decides in some cases. Thirdly is through the alternative dispute resolution. The alternative dispute resolution is a happy informal settlement involving mediators and arbitrators. (more…)

Motorcycle laws that every rider should know

Obeying the motorcycle and traffic laws of your state can help you to avoid accidents and legal trouble potentially. In particular, when you follow the rules, it becomes easier for the surrounding drivers to predict your actions. That assists in preventing collisions related to turns, lane changes, and lack of visibility. Even if you are a seasoned motorcyclist or your first time riding, it is critical to know your state’s motorcycle laws and regulations. (more…)

3 Ways to Protect Your Body While Working As a Dock Worker

The life of a dock worker can be one filled with risks and challenges. If you’re a dock worker, you’ve likely learned how to embrace hard work and learn how to use equipment at the same time. You may have been exposed to chemicals or at some point injured yourself on the job. While a lawyer would always be happy to help, there are a few ways you can protect your body while working as a dock worker. (more…)