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What is a DUI Case?

So, you have been arrested for DUI. But how can you challenge the arrest? In California, the law recognizes a defense known as the “necessity defense,” which excuses DUI in situations where alcohol is required to protect the public. The defense argues that the defendant was not driving at the time the arrest took place and that the alcohol level was below the legal limit at the time. However, this defense is not available in all states. (more…)

Finding a Great Law Firm Doesn’t Have To Be Overwhelming

It is understandable that most folks are a bit intimidated by the process of finding and hiring a team of legal advisers. Nevertheless, law firms exist for the purpose of helping clients who are facing some type of serious challenge. Getting past the initial discomfort of the situation as quickly as possible can help develop a helpful strategy and start the process off on the right foot. The following tips and tricks can help. (more…)

What Makes for a Good Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Medical malpractice is a scary phrase. Within it are the potentials that you’ve been wronged, possibly in pain or facing new medical dilemmas. It is scary, too, because it conjures an image of one small person trying to fight a giant medical establishment. If you think that you’ve been the object of medical malpractice, you need to obtain a lawyer who is not afraid of going up against the medical practice’s attorneys. There are things to look for when searching for capable medical malpractice attorneys. (more…)

When to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Have you thought about hiring a car accident lawyer? Car accident attorneys are incredible professionals with extensive skills and experience handling accident injury cases and compensation claims. These experts aim at protecting your rights during personal injury claims. They will also represent you in court and during the settlement process. However, you need to understand when to hire them. The following are instances when you need this injury attorney. (more…)

Understanding Arbitration

Arbitration is a process that can result in the settlement of a dispute between two or more persons, organizations, or states. This process usually takes place outside of court and deals with disputes involving legal issues such as contracts, property ownership, and business law. Arbitration is great for cases that are hard to resolve through direct negotiation.

Here are some things people should know about arbitration(more…)