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Who Needs an E1 Visa Lawyer?

An E1 Visa is a particular type of visa that allows you to live in the United States permanently. For many people, this is a challenging process that requires the assistance of a lawyer.

What is an E1 Visa?

An E1 Visa is a special kind of work visa in the United States. A work visa is a type of immigrant visa, as opposed to a non-immigrant visa, which allows the holder and their family to enter the United States on a permanent basis. In particular, the E1 Visa allows you to enter the United States if you are going to be working in some form of trade. However, what constitutes trade is open to interpretation.

Who Needs an E1 Visa Lawyer?

Anyone looking to enter the United States on an E1 Visa should contact a lawyer who specializes in them. This way they can discuss if it is the correct choice for you, as well as clearly laid out the steps in obtaining the visa. They can also help you to hit deadlines and properly fill out all the necessary paperwork.

For anyone who needs an E1 Visa lawyer Los Angeles-based, please contact The Gig Law today.

Benefits of Hiring Local Process Servers

If you own a company or even legal business, you might have to get over a case which may not be within your neighborhood. You, as a company owner, might not have the enough time or even a employee to visit another state for a few days to deal with the case. And this is actually where local process servers help.

How do you take advantage of it?

When the firm is faced with a case which is outside your neighborhood, you might want to employ a local person for serving the documents. However do you think it is the most suitable option? It might be appealing but is not really a good option. Provided below are some reasons to work with local process servers in cases like this. (more…)

Legal translation

No matter what enterprise, company, or industry you work in, it is undoubtedly governed by several legal documents and contracts, among others. In the current context of globalization, their translation has become essential.

If you are sending or receiving documents from a foreign partner, you will need to have them translated to not end up with unreadable documents in your hands. This is when a legal translator, professional expert, or translation agency comes into play.

Legal translation is considered as the translation of language used in regular settings and for lawful objectives. The legal translation may also imply that it is a specific variety of translation only used in law, which is not always true. Professional legal translation is, hence, usually done by specialized law translators. (more…)

What to Expect When Hiring a Process Server

Process serving is a job that works independently, independent of the courts, to send legal documents and court materials by an unprejudiced third party. Typical use is to deliver documents, materials and also contracts to disinclined parties, or even to immediately subpoena defendants.

Processes are actually legal documents or court materials that might vary from complaints to summons. A process server can be used to give court confirmation that the document has been given to a individual involved with the case. (more…)