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Fight hard to show my clients accused of sex offenses

At the law office of Frank Bell, I have successfully defended many people accused of sex crimes. I am aware that emotions can run high in a sex offenses case. If you or someone you care about has been accused of a sex crime, you need an experienced attorney who can distinguish between the emotion and the facts and develop an effective defense strategy to protect you. (more…)

Dallas Bank Fraud Attorney – Financial Crime Lawyer

Criminal conviction in a bank fraud scheme can result in lengthy imprisonment up to 30 years, steep fines up to $1,000,000, felonies, career loss, a permanently damaged reputation and personal fallout with family and friends. You might find it impossible to do business with any bank ever again, even as a first-time offender. Most bank fraud charges are federal, which means federal prison. If you are under investigation or have been formally charged, you need a strong and dedicated criminal defense lawyer immediately. (more…)

Caplan Luber – Business Practice Area

The firm is engaged in the representation of many forms of business entities on a daily basis in matters involving litigation and non-litigation.  Regardless of whether the business entity client is a Fortune 500 corporation, a general or limited partnership, or a sole proprietorship, the attorneys at Caplan Luber are committed to, among other things, learning and understanding the business of the client, identifying what legal action is necessary and consistent with the client’s overall legal and business objectives, acting responsively and cost-effectively and achieving the highest quality result.  This approach promotes the development of a mutually beneficial attorney-client relationship which is a priority objective of the firm and facilitates “partnering” with the client. (more…)

Preparing Your Things To Move

You are about to move to your new home and need to pack your belongings to take them there. Once you determine the space of your new place, you are ready to get started. Here are a few tips to make it efficient and quick.

Packing the Boxes

When you prepare things to be boxed up, you will want to be aware of the weight and size of them. (more…)

Child Support Attorneys

When two individuals decide to have a child together in a loving relationship, they likely believe this union will last until the end of time. While this is undoubtedly an exalted position to hold, more people are getting divorced in the United States than ever before. Divorces are occurring so frequently that younger generations are becoming wary of the thought of marriage after witnessing so many of them end. However, even in the event of a divorce, no party leaves unscathed, and the children are often affected by this decision the most. (more…)