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When Employees Work at Home, Try These 43Things To Bring Them Closer Together

Working from home offers people numerous perks. The staff gets the opportunity to flex time, see family more and manage home tasks on their own schedule. Unfortunately, a drawback of this opportunity could be a decrease in interaction among team members. Their ability to work together, understand personalities and bond may be diminished without the coffee bar and water cooler talk. So, what can you do? The following are three ways to bridge that distance. (more…)

How An Expert Witness in Finance Can Help You

The area of finance revolves around money. The term covers a wide variety of sub-themes including personal finance, corporate finance, money matters relating to non-profits, personal and corporate taxation, and many others. Because money is always involved, disputes can come up between parties.

Courts can become involved. These disputes can be nerve-wracking and, in some cases, highly damaging to one or more of the parties. Sometimes a third-party professional is needed. This is where a good expert witness finance may be useful. (more…)

John Branca Attorney Agrees That Being a Celebrity Comes With Some Unique Challenges

Did you ever dream of becoming a movie star? Or have you wondered what it would be like to be a famous singer performing for thousands of fans? Being a celebrity may seem like an exciting and privileged lifestyle, but there are challenges as well. For example, most celebrities suffer from a lack of privacy, public scrutiny, and sometimes even libel and slander. (more…)

How Long Your Personal Injury Case Will Last

You are involved in an auto accident and it was not your negligence. Another party was absolutely responsible and you experienced injuries suffered throughout the accident plus your car was seriously damaged as well. All this results in a personal injury case that you have filed and you anticipate to be resolved for your benefit. Not irrational, particularly given the situations of the auto accident. (more…)