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Posts published in “Family Law”

What is “shared parenting”?

Shared parenting is an arrangement in which a kid spends substantial time with both parents. Shared custody, joint custody, and shared care are similar terms. Shared custody, joint custody, and shared care are synonyms. They all mean the same thing. Instead than allocating fixed amounts of time with each parent or dictating that a child’s time be split fairly, the focus should be on encouraging parents to play an active role in their child’s life and to participate in decision-making processes. This is more crucial than ensuring equal time with each parent. (more…)

Family Lawyers and Child Custody Issues

Child Custody lawyers are basically specialized family lawyers that can help with the sensitive issue with regards to the custody of children. In the Australia, child custody law can determine who must be liable for the care of the kid and with whom the kid must reside with.

Excellent family lawyers can help you with these issues and be sure that this emotionally hard time runs as well as possible for parents along with the kids involved. (more…)

The Future of Assisted Living Facilities

As more people start to get older, there is a need to make sure they are comfortable. The demand to have everything they need will become increasingly important. Assisted living facilities are becoming such a popular option for seniors. These facilities usually offer housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation to activities. However, with an ever-changing world comes new trends that are starting to take shape in these facilities. Below are some trends shaping the future of assisted living facilities. (more…)

Things You Should Know About Divorce Cases

The end of marriage creates stressful events for spouses and children. Parted couples have to adapt to new living arrangements, decisions about money and property, and parenting schedules. Getting a divorce is more accessible for people informed more about the process.

Below are tips that guide an individual when going through this difficult time. (more…)

Post Title How Divorce Will Change Your Life

You and your partner have given it your all, or all that you’re both willing to give, to your relationship but things between you two have soured and aren’t getting better with time. It can be hard to think about losing someone you’ve been with for so long, but you both have come to the realization that a divorce is the best solution to this situation. Here are the ways in which your separation will change your life. (more…)