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Posts published in “Family Law”

What are the Benefits of Mediation Proceedings?

Have you been looking for someone who does mediation divorce in Boulder? If you’re looking for a mediation specialist, it means that you’re in too deep with some conflict in your life. The thing about conflict is that it’s a normal part of life, but this doesn’t mean that you’re going to know how you handle it effectively well each time that it happens. If you’re going through a divorce, it’s also common practice for you to have to deal with a lot of conflicting issues. This is all normal during such a tumultuous period in your life. (more…)

How Does the Divorce Process Works

The divorce procedure is an emotionally draining situation for any person who faces it. The process can be overwhelming. The commencement of a San Diego divorce litigation process is essential in ensuring that the process is successful. The following steps are beneficial in assisting you in preparing for the daunting process:

Gather your thoughts

Owing to the pressure behind the divorce process, you should take adequate time to collect your thoughts before starting the process. Understand what is required of you: know that is good for you and your family. Always consider your reasons for settling for a divorce and evaluate what is appropriate. (more…)

When To Consider Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

Fighting for your right to stay with your kids after you have separated from your spouse can somehow be overwhelming and hectic. However, hiring an experienced child custody attorney can simplify the process for you. The attorneys are part of family law who has specialized in child custody cases. In most cases, child custody issues that are handled by an attorney turn out to be successful without escalating to court trials. The attorney will assist the parents in arguing the case by putting the kids’ best interests in their minds. This way, they will manage to negotiate appropriately without going to court. (more…)

Is a Collaborative Divorce Good For You?

Usually, cases of divorce in the media are described as a courtroom affair. Nevertheless, there is absolutely no impetus for divorcing partners to conduct themselves in this manner. When each party can easily agree that the marriage should be dissolved, yet continue to be able to communicate to make decisions, collaborative divorce can be an excellent solution to the lengthy disputes between each party. (more…)

How to End a Relationship with a Narcissist and leave peacefully

Ending a relationship with a narcissist is never easy as you are taking away their control. As well as someone they possibly got their power and security from or can manipulate, for these reasons they will do whatever they can to keep you.But with the right support you can break free.

Firstly, I want you to think of this statistic – on average, it takes a person 7 attempts to leave an abusive relationship. 7 attempts! This is because when someone fears their partner is leaving, they may use guilt, put downs or emotional blackmail to keep them. If you have decided to leave a narcist or emotionally abusive partner then I have written some steps below for how to end a relationship with a narcissist. (more…)