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Are You Qualified for Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you are unable to work because of a medical condition, you might be qualified to receive disability benefits by means of the Social Security Administration. Prior to starting the application process, you will need to know a few things to consider.

Social Security disability insurance is welfare for workers who cannot continue working because of a serious medical problem. It is a disability insurance plan for workers.  If you played a part in Social Security in the jobs you have had by only paying for an employment tax known as the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA), you will be insured for benefits. Keep in mind that your benefits are determined from your employment history. So, when you are no longer on duty and paying for FICA taxes, you will never get extra in benefits, even though your condition worsens.

For those who have just get disabled, then they are most likely feeling doubtful regarding your future personal finance. I highly recommend to visit . This site will provide you with the full guidance you need for a successful disability claim.

You can try short-term disability insurance, which can cover you for a couple weeks, or up to 6 months as you recover; unless, you started to be disabled on-the-job, whereby case you will fill for Compensation Insurance instead.

You may try insurance with the aid of the human resources department at workplace. If it seems like you will be unemployed for the long term, you can try long term disability insurance with the aid of your employer when your short-term insurance goes off. When you are over 65, then you can certainly try for Social Security. When you are not working and disabled, then you might still be qualified to receive Social Security Disability Insurance.

To make an application for Social Security disability insurance in San Diego, you must complete your application and then submit it to your social security disability office. To complete the SSDI application, you should have social security number, the name, address and also contact numbers of case workers, hospitals, clinics and doctors that cared for you, put together with the dates of care.

Usually almost all applicants will get case denial notice on their first filing. Such issues are typically due to the applicants’ incorrect method of filing his petition or even their inability to meet the terms and conditions created by the SSA. Consequently, many of them were unable to convince the Social Security adjuster who controls on their applications.

To deal with these problems, all candidates who are not really sure about the correct filing are advised to contact Social Security Disability Insurance attorneys. Such legal professionals can help you to deal with benefits applications until it gets approved by the SSA.

Jorgensen Law can help you to be qualified for the social security benefits in order that you get a good life. They offer most experienced legal representation with the guarantee that they will not be compensated until they win the case. This Social Security disability attorney has a lot of experience in all issues with social security disability benefits in San Diego.

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