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Recognizing Domestic Abuse

If you believe you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, do not let this behavior continue. The abuse can escalate rapidly from verbal to physical injury and in some cases, death. Thousands of victims of domestic violence die every year.

Signs of Abuse

There is a higher incidence of women experiencing this type of abuse, although it does happen to men as well. There are many signs that can indicate domestic violence. Do you or someone you know constantly have to be careful of what you say or do? If someone has to live in constant fear of making someone angry and expecting them to blow-up at any minute, this is not a healthy relationship.

Do you feel as though every aspect of your life is controlled by your partner? For example, does he or she act very jealous? Do they keep you from seeing family and friends? Are you constantly being checked on to see where you are and what you are doing? Often the abuser controls the finances, vehicles, and even phones and does not allow their victim access without their permission.

Physical Abuse

Domestic abuse usually begins with psychological abuse and escalates. Once the abuse becomes physical, the danger intensifies. Many people believe this abuse happens in a cycle. The abuse happens, then they will feel guilty and apologize. Some even swear it will never happen again. Next they will make excuses for their behavior and likely blame it on the victim. For awhile everything will seem normal and they make even act more loving toward the victim. False hopes are raised that maybe this time things will change.

Following the period of calm, the abuser will begin to think about everything they imagine their victim has done wrong. They will think about how they are going to punish them. This is often called the fantasy stage. It may last for quite a while, but it will lead to the abuser setting the victim up for abuse once again.

This behavior will not end by itself. Cutting ties with the abuser is the only way. This is why firms such as Hackworth Law PA offer a domestic violence attorney tampa.

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